Thank you for your understanding!

The relatives of Anton Khrushev wrote you a cordial letter. A specialized bed for disabled children has been delivered yet to the boy’s place. We hope that this bed will be comfortable and Anton will have only good dreams. More then that, new equipment will bring more power and vital force to fight against his disease.

Anton Khrushchev had many unbelievable things in his life. The boy abandoned by his biological mother and father unexpectedly found big adoptive family. All adults became a tower of strength and support of the child in his fight against the disease. It seems that he with such a “base” will never give up. One more important event happened for the boy – the moment when he found all of you.

Thanks to you, the new specialized bed was bought for him. Anton’s parents has written some words that we want share with you:

“Thank you for moral support, that you give your hand and render such an important financial aid for equipment. Hats off to you. Only soulmates, in contact, understand how hard it is to our children. Thanks so much!”

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