Move her way

Junia Shestova continues to acheve new successes in the fight against cerebral palsy. Your gift, which is a specialized costume, will help the girl in this!

The family says that Yunia Shestova is “tenacious”. The girl is sweet and friendly with the family and shows her tenacity only in the fight against the disease. Since birth, she works to finally defeat the ICP and do the first steps.

The treatment and painful trainings, long plastering, pain and tears – the girl has passed through all of these things with her head high and the confidence: she will have improvements. And the results – the first steps with support – have not been long in coming. Now, thanks to you, there is a new opportunity to train a vestibular apparatus and learn to walk by herself sooner.

Your gift, the specialized suit “Adeli”, will help Yunia. The device has been already delivered to the girl. Her family thanks you!

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