«You are always with us!»

Summer time is the most difficult time for children who suffer from bullous epidermolysis. Sasha Kovalchuk’s relatives rejoice at the coming coolness. They are ready to share with you the lattest news from the girl’s life.

Thanks to you, Sasha Kovalchuk has completed some treatment sessions in German clinic. “Butterfly girl” has unbelievably thin and delicate skin; she cheer about golden autumn: soft jacket is comfortable for walks: there is no need to hide hands and face from a baking sun. The good-hearted baby almost always smiles. And that is, as the relatives think, your merit.

“The morning begins glumly: for a long time and slowly we open our eyes because of the light and because the eyes should accustom to the night cream. Then we wash up and try to brush the teeth. Then we are brightening like the sun. If everything is good, we go study in the art school. Since this school year, we begin to play piano, besides the folklore. My daughter likes the teacher and lessons very much. We are grateful for that. It’s a great virtue for her fingers and good exercises.

The condition of our skin is still moderate. On the right leg the blisters are raising. We are not very successful at defeating them, but we are trying. Unfortunately, the esophagus problem didn’t disappear. We understand that however hard we may try the blisters are appeared on mucosa as well as on skin. It’s scary to imagine what we would have had in the future if two operations hadn’t been done.

It’s really TERRIBLE, when your child is an operating room patient! At that time, you have mixed feelings. The feeling of fear and feeling of happiness that the doctors help your child. They help thanks to you. We are grateful to you for our lovely daughter and for being with us!”

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