Learn alphabet

Hearing is a “link” which helps to solve many problems with health for Dasha Emtsova. He was very closed girl, but hearing became like a magnet and she started to communicate with people. Today you helped the girl to take another step. Thank you so much!

Today Dasha Emtsova will have one more reason to smile and hug her lovely mum. The girl was born deaf and began to hear thanks to the cochlear implantation; she can continue her treatment. She has learned to perceive and understand sounds and phrases; Dasha diligently learn the next stage – speech development. But, in their small town, speech therapists and hearing specialists cannot help such a complicated patient.

Today, thanks to the regular trainings, Dasha has learnt vowels and the “m” sound. We hope that soon she will learn and pronounce the whole alphabet. The bill for the treatment has been paid, and the specialists from the centre are waiting for the girl. We stop the fundraising!


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