New hope

Yaroslav Stepanov started rehabilitation. His family told about the first lessons in a specialized center.

You gave Yaroslav Stepanov the most desirable gift – an opportunity to undergo the treatment in the specialized centre in Saint-Petersburg. He has a rare genetic disease – cri du chat syndrome – and each new development stage is very hard for him. And thus, the first courses are left behind. Of course, the relatives are quick to tell you about them!

“Today was the first day. Yarik worthily passed through this, I hadn’t expected. Of course, he is very exhausted; it was a very full day, we almost did not have a time to rest. Yarik made a good impression; he is supposed to be a perspective boy. They also said that we had decided to rehabilitate comprehensively just in time, we needed a little push and had all chances that our baby would crawl. We’ll live further with this hope. Thank you, we wouldn’t be able to manage this without you!”

We hope with the family of Yaroslav Stepanov that the baby will necessarily achieve the desired goals, and we will share the news about the treatment course with you!

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