Earlier it was impossible

Lev Ovsyannikov has treatment in a specialized rehabilitation center and makes progress! The boy’s relatives want to share latest news with you.

Thanks to you, Lev Ovsyannikov continues fighting against deafness and develops speech skills. We have closed the fund-raising campaign for him quite recently and now we are glad to tell you good news: first results of treatment at the specialized center have been already achieved.

“It’s hard for me to convey the great joy that I experience every time I see understanding in the eyes of my child. We often do not think about the simplest at first glance things that are given to us from birth. Like ability to hear. It’s a great happiness for me to hear my child trying to say something or ask for something. Every time I hear “Hehelpeme” – this is how my son asks for help – I run from the kitchen to the living-room. Until recently, he could not say a whole word.”

Receiving such letters, we can never thank you too often. You help put into life things that seemed impossible previously. Thank you very much!

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