Hope to move forward

The specialized equipment that you gave to Yasha Manuilov has already been delivered. The technique every day helps the boy to strive for new successes in the fight against cerebral palsy.

Recently, we have got a warm letter from Yasha Manuylov‘s mother. The woman does her best to help her son to fight against ICP. She said that now the hope for success has become stronger: thanks to you, now they have new “helpers”. A SVOSH splint allows to fix his hip joints in the correct position, and the specialized chair makes bathing easier.

“Your support is a chance for us not to make the situation worse and move forward in physical development,” Yasha’s mother shared. – The son took the splint for granted – now we call it “garment”. No protest. As if he has always worn it. This, of course, makes me very happy.”

Looking at pictures of Yasha, it’s hard to believe that this child does not walk, does not speak independently. His lively and clear eyes are glowing with sharp mind and kindness. Together with you, we hope that the new equipment will help mitigate manifestations of ICP and successfully continue the treatment.

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