Without losing optimism

Kolya Gribanov fights against cerebral palsy with optimism. He has good support next to him. There is his mother, elder sister, twin brother and, of course, you. We stopped the fundraising for the boy!

On the road!

Recently we received good news: the required amount of money was collected thanks to our colleagues from other funds and not indifferent people who responded to the call of the boy’s relatives. Stepan Bondarchuk will have necessary treatment soon. We stopped the fundraising for Stepan!

Learn alphabet

Hearing is a “link” which helps to solve many problems with health for Dasha Emtsova. He was very closed girl, but hearing became like a magnet and she started to communicate with people. Today you helped the girl to take another step. Thank you so much!

«You are always with us!»

Summer time is the most difficult time for children who suffer from bullous epidermolysis. Sasha Kovalchuk’s relatives rejoice at the coming coolness. They are ready to share with you the lattest news from the girl’s life.