Сергей Дьяченко

Сережа произнес первые слова и смог пойти в первый класс коррекционной школы. Однако, чтобы продолжить речевую реабилитацию, мальчику необходимо пройти курс в специализированном центре.

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Roman Novikov

“Our son had changed greatly”, parents of Roman Novikov said. The boy became stronger and began to take on interest in the world around him. The boy needs specialized equipment for having comfortable life.

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Alena Ryabchuk

Every trip of the girl is “uncontrolled’, because she has old wheelchair, which has a lot of problems. The girl’s relatives need your help for buying new equipment!

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Mila Grudtsina

Mila was able to learn how to walk and talk in spite of cerebral palsy. However, epilepsy provoked the loosing of all developed skills. Now Mila needs a wheelchair.

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Mikhail Kungurtsev

Three-year-old Misha only learns how to communicate with people and control his body. The boy needs a course of rehabilitation in correctional center for living a fulfilling life.

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Sofia Shiman

Sonia suffers from epilepsy and cerebral palsy at the same time. A vibration platform is one of the few means of rehabilitation, which is recommended to the girl with several diseases.

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Alexander Nikishin

Sasha dreams about going to school holding hands with his two sisters. However, the boy needs to learn how to walk. A specialized equipment will help to realize this dream.

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Sofia Dmitrienko

Sofia actively learns the basics of reading and writing in the 1st grade of the home school. However, a girl with a severe form of cerebral palsy can walk only using a wheelchair. Sofia’s family cannot buy necessary equipment themselves.

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