Саша Рощупкин

Бороться с болезнью Саше помогают мама и старший брат. Чтобы лечение проходило более успешно, мальчику нужна специальная коляска.

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Kirill Grekhov

Кирилл – маленький «королевич» в своей дружной семье. Помочь в лечении мальчика можете все вы: ему нужна специальная коляска!

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Snezhana Atamanova

Parents of Snezhana hope that recently scientists create some medicine which will help to fight the girl’s disease. The fight against the disease doesn’t stop even for a minute in this family. We really hope for your support!

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Eva Vasilevskaya

The girl likes to go for a walk and cafes. She likes to visit different cities. However, Eva can travel only using a wheelchair, but the girl dreams that everything will change one day.

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Pavel Tsukanov

The boy has planned his future carefully and achieves his aims step by step. The main aim is to learn how to walk. The boy’s relatives believe that Pasha will make his first steps only using special equipment!

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Sofia Lobko

The victory over epilepsy allowed the girl to develop motor and cognitive skills. Specialized equipment will help to continue treatment.

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