Semyon Malygin

Semyon is a very active and agile boy in spite of cerebral palsy. He has already learned how to crawl and now needs specialized equipment to make his first independent steps.

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Alexander Gorshkov

Sasha has autism, but he can study in a secondary school with his peers. The boy needs course of rehabilitation in a specialized center, which will help to prepare for studying in a first grade.

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Denis Ufimtsev

Denis is seven-year-old boy. He said his first words only two years ago and only his family could understand him. Exercises with specialists will help to develop speech skills.

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Svetlana Bardycheva

The girl has a rare genetic disease< which is Angelman syndrome. As the result, the girl hardly understands people and has problems with standards of conduct. Relatives hope that specialists will help Sveta.

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Diana Tarasova

Из-за гипоксии во время родов здоровье Дианы серьезно пострадало. Она попала в реанимацию, и домой малышку выписали со множеством диагнозов. Ей нужно специализированное кресло-коляска.

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Alexey Avvakumov

Five-year-old boy has not pronounce his first words yet and he only learns how to control his body. Lesha needs a course of rehabilitation in neurological center.

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