Azalia Mamadjanova

Azalia has problems with motor skills, because the girl has cerebral palsy. Now Azalia needs a specialized wheelchair while she is learning how to walk.

Collected 800 of 38 000 RUR

Vladislav Pleshakova

“You can’t defeat someone who doesn’t give up” – suppose relatives of Vladislava. The girl needs a course of speech rehabilitation. We ask you to help!

Collected 49 662 of 68 400 RUR

Anton Khrushchev

Four-year-old Anton has already grown out of his baby cot, but usual furniture doesn’t suit the boy with cerebral palsy. The boy needs a special bed for disabled children.

Collected 25 900 of 25 900 RUR

Daria Pistsova

Dasha is bright and sunny girl who was born with Down syndrome and physical anomalies. The baby needs rehabilitation in a specialized center.

Collected 77 400 of 96 000 RUR

Alisa Beloyartseva

The girl had to spend with gipsy feet almost a year. Now she needs to develop and strengthen muscles, which will help to take her first steps.

Collected 1 000 of 96 000 RUR

Dmitry Burunov

Dima is ready to make his first steps, but he needs special equipment, which will help to strengthen muscles of his legs and back.

Collected 1 500 of 57 500 RUR

Timur Irgaliyev

Timur has only good marks, but he can’t go to school. The boy needs specialized walking frames, which will help him to strengthen muscles of his legs.

Collected 3 500 of 88 000 RUR

Nastya Mudrichenko

The girl needs constant visits of specialized courses and treating. This is the only way to cope with manifestations of autism. We ask you to help Nastya!

Collected 41 036 of 126 000 RUR

Daniil Ziyatdinov

The mother of Daniil brings him up alone. The woman manages to cope with many difficulties, but specialized equipment will be very helpful. We ask you to help!

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Victoria Maslova

“Let’s do trainings?” – the girl often asks her mother. Victoria needs a specialized wheelchair. This equipment will help her to fight more successfully with cerebral palsy. We ask you to help!

Collected 1 600 of 72 938 RUR

Daria Emtsova

The girl wanted to hear inspite of severe headaches and unpleasant feelings. Next step is developing of speaking skills and Daria needs your help.

Collected 127 703 of 165 000 RUR

Matvey Shvetsov

Matvey has cerebral palsy. As the result, he spends most of his time sitting. The boy needs a specialized wheelchair.

Collected 103 805 of 171 450 RUR

Andrey Bagishvili

Andrey was a good-natured boy who was ready to help anyone from the first months of his life. His parents didn’t expect that their little “hero” couldn’t hear thanks for his good deeds. The boy needs your help to fight the deafness!

Collected 9 541 of 165 000 RUR

Yaroslav Stepanov

Yaroslav has rare genetic disease and it does not give him opportunity to develop like all his peers. The boy needs course of rehabilitation in a specialized center.

Collected 91 690 of 114 000 RUR

Matvey and Kirill Cherkasov

Matvey and Kirill Cherkasov are twins. They were born much earlier than the term and both were diagnosed cerebral palsy and a number of other diseases. Boys need your help!

Collected 13 680 of 42 600 RUR

Daria Krupina

The girl has rare genetic disease and as a result she can’t walk like her coevals. Dasha needs spesialized wheelchair.

Collected 101 981 of 224 200 RUR