Emil Kasimov

Each new person in life of Emil literally are ckeched for strength. The boy has everyday tests from the first days of his life too. You have a chance to help the boy!

Collected 1 500 of 66 212 RUR

Ivan Gusev

One of the recent and especially vivid images of Vanya Gusev is a picture made while the boy was riding a specialized exercise bicycle. The boy used the equipment during the treatment, and now he and his family had a dream: to have the same at home. We ask you to help!

Needed 66 000 RUR

Danil Gaziev

Danil wants to learn how to play football. However, because of cerebral palsy, the boy is just learning how to walk by himself. Danya needs a specialized home trainer for daily trainings.

Collected 900 of 62 900 RUR

Denis Zhuk

Denis is an active boy, used to set goals and achieve them himself. A specialized wheelchair with an electric drive will help the boy to feel himself independent.

Collected 2 400 of 108 500 RUR

Gleb Smirnov

Five-year-old Gleb is the most grateful and attentive spectator. The boy loves theater and music concerts, but he can go to the shows only in a wheelchair.

Collected 800 of 77 080 RUR

Yaroslav Gezikov

The boy has serious problems with health. He had the infection as a child. Yaroslav still continues to fight against consequences of the disease. Yaroslav needs your help!

Collected 4 600 of 84 300 RUR

Yana Turkovskaya

Yana had two ischemic strokes at an early age, but she still looks forward to fulfilling childhood. The girl needs a course of rehabilitation.

Collected 22 060 of 150 000 RUR

Alexandra Bumazhnikova

Sasha has a genetic disease. As the result, she can’t change the position of her body. The girl needs a specialized bed, which will help her to sleep comfortable.

Collected 1 800 of 130 328 RUR

Sofia Vorontsova

“Sit down in a wheelchair and leave out’ – it’s an ordinary day of the girl and her family. Recently, the girl who has cerebral palsy started to dream about an exercise bike. We ask you to make this gift for the girl!

Collected 4 000 of 80 000 RUR

Latifa Baryeva

Relatives of Latifa tried different ways to fight the disease, but they still don’t find a way how to improve the girl’s conditions. Together we will be able to make her life more comfortable and safe. Latifa needs specialized equipment!

Collected 1 100 of 78 000 RUR

Vlad Vasiliev

Vlad had a successful cochlear implant surgery and began to adapt to the world of sounds. However, the boy needs a course of rehabilitation to pronounce the first words.

Collected 86 752 of 165 000 RUR

Eva Shevchenko

Eva found out that she had diabetes at the age of 7. The girl needs an isulin pump to continue to live an active and full life.

Collected 590 of 212 000 RUR

Makar Manaev

Doctors gave the boy ability to hear, but it was only the first step. We ask you to help Makar. He needs a specialized treatment!

Collected 200 of 165 000 RUR

Elvira Lupanova

A cheerful and sociable girl fights against cerebral palsy. She still controls her body badly. The girl needs specialized equipment for bathing, which will help to make her everday life more comfortable.

Collected 600 of 50 260 RUR

Ksenia Sviridova

The girl has problems with locomotor system, but in spite of it, she entered a usual school. However, Ksenia needs a wheelchair.

Collected 44 500 of 191 900 RUR

Milena Peshkova

The girl needs a specialized walking frames, which will help her to make first steps. We ask you to help to buy necessary equipment.

Collected 2 800 of 85 000 RUR

Malik Khakimov

Malik had epileptic attacks, but now it stopped. He develops motor skills and has already achieved the first results. The boy needs a new wheelchair!

Collected 41 800 of 93 680 RUR