Виолетта Шестакова

Вета мечтает отправиться в школу и на танцы на своих ногах. Сделать первые шаги в самостоятельную жизнь поможет специализированное оборудование.

Collected 6 495 of 80 000 RUR

Мария Соколова

«Наверное, к школе я научусь ходить», — вслух размышляет девочка. Для достижения желанной цели нужно специализированное оборудование. Мы просим вас помочь!

Collected 14 992 of 39 700 RUR

Александра Шикина

Долго Саша не говорила с окружающими, но отлично понимала и слушалась родных. Благодаря ежедневным занятиям, которые проводила не только мама, но и старший брат, девочка научилась ходить, а затем писать и рисовать левой рукой.

Collected 9 820 of 150 890 RUR

Roman Novikov

“Our son had changed greatly”, parents of Roman Novikov said. The boy became stronger and began to take on interest in the world around him. The boy needs specialized equipment for having comfortable life.

Collected 6 031 of 63 000 RUR

Alena Ryabchuk

Every trip of the girl is “uncontrolled’, because she has old wheelchair, which has a lot of problems. The girl’s relatives need your help for buying new equipment!

Collected 121 735 of 198 000 RUR

Mila Grudtsina

Mila was able to learn how to walk and talk in spite of cerebral palsy. However, epilepsy provoked the loosing of all developed skills. Now Mila needs a wheelchair.

Collected 22 802 of 175 000 RUR

Daniil Loginov

The boy has a wheelchair, but this equipment is too old and beyond repair. The boy needs new one for overcoming the next course of rehabilitation!

Collected 21 425 of 148 000 RUR

Mikhail Kungurtsev

Three-year-old Misha only learns how to communicate with people and control his body. The boy needs a course of rehabilitation in correctional center for living a fulfilling life.

Collected 43 324 of 120 700 RUR

Sofia Shiman

Sonia suffers from epilepsy and cerebral palsy at the same time. A vibration platform is one of the few means of rehabilitation, which is recommended to the girl with several diseases.

Collected 156 063 of 280 000 RUR

Alexander Nikishin

Sasha dreams about going to school holding hands with his two sisters. However, the boy needs to learn how to walk. A specialized equipment will help to realize this dream.

Collected 173 320 of 300 996 RUR

Emil Kasimov

Each new person in life of Emil literally are ckeched for strength. The boy has everyday tests from the first days of his life too. You have a chance to help the boy!

Collected 1 500 of 66 212 RUR

Ivan Gusev

One of the recent and especially vivid images of Vanya Gusev is a picture made while the boy was riding a specialized exercise bicycle. The boy used the equipment during the treatment, and now he and his family had a dream: to have the same at home. We ask you to help!

Needed 66 000 RUR

Danil Gaziev

Danil wants to learn how to play football. However, because of cerebral palsy, the boy is just learning how to walk by himself. Danya needs a specialized home trainer for daily trainings.

Collected 900 of 62 900 RUR

Sofia Dmitrienko

Sofia actively learns the basics of reading and writing in the 1st grade of the home school. However, a girl with a severe form of cerebral palsy can walk only using a wheelchair. Sofia’s family cannot buy necessary equipment themselves.

Collected 129 705 of 248 563 RUR

Denis Zhuk

Denis is an active boy, used to set goals and achieve them himself. A specialized wheelchair with an electric drive will help the boy to feel himself independent.

Collected 2 400 of 108 500 RUR

Gleb Smirnov

Five-year-old Gleb is the most grateful and attentive spectator. The boy loves theater and music concerts, but he can go to the shows only in a wheelchair.

Collected 800 of 77 080 RUR

Darina Repina

Darina can’t walk, but she likes it extremely. The girl can walk outside only using a specialized wheelchair.

Collected 47 480 of 229 000 RUR