Arseniy Karpushov

Most of all Arseniy Karpushov’s family is afraid to miss precious time. Now, when the boy’s health has begun to improve, it is necessary to train hard. We ask you to help in buying specialized equipment!

Collected 3 300 of 110 400 RUR

Ivan Zhuk

The boy spends almost all his time in a sitting position. He needs a spinal support.

Collected 3 500 of 65 540 RUR

Yaroslav Zatonskykh

Yaroslav is very talkative boy how likes reading extremely. The boy and his relatives believe that he will be able to overcome all consequences of cerebral palsy. Necessary equipment will help the boy on this way!

Collected 113 423 of 200 000 RUR

Sofia Shahareva

Sofia has a diabetes and she needs to make regular insulin injections. An insulin pump will help the girl to calculate the correct dose of insulin and forget about painful injections.

Collected 45 929 of 193 305 RUR

Katya Dubovets

Katya Dubovets likes reading extremely and soon she will enter to the first class of elementary school. The girl tries to catch every bright moment of life. You gave this life to her. We ask you again to help the girl. Katya needs expensive heart medicine.

Collected 105 187 of 115 000 RUR

Artem Shermatov

“We just love our son and he loves us”, Artyom’s parents says. The boy needs a specialized chair for home using.

Collected 10 400 of 97 390 RUR

Timur Demyanov

“We are both cheerful”, Timur’s mother says. She believes that they will overcome all difficulties soon. We ask you to help the boy!

Collected 169 016 of 288 000 RUR

Oleg Lystsev

The boy likes watching historical programs extremely. Oleg makes a history through studying a favourite subject too. It’s his story of struggle with the disease. He needs your help!

Collected 107 667 of 200 000 RUR

Maxim Smetanin

Maxim has several neurological diseases. As the result, he has problems with communication. Specialists of a correctional center can help him.

Collected 23 765 of 137 200 RUR

Maxim Khoroshilov

“We will chat”, the boy’s parents believe that their son will defeat deafness and develop his speaking skills. They ask you to help!

Collected 73 992 of 165 000 RUR

Lisa Kudryavtseva

The girl and her family do hard work seven days a week. This family used to fight hard against disease and with optimism. New achievements will appear, if you help Lisa a little!

Collected 300 of 62 900 RUR

Vasilina Gudkova

Vasilina dreams of learning how to walk and will lead in the play. She needs a specialized equipment for daily training.

Collected 97 895 of 199 500 RUR

Vadim Bulgakov

Vadim learned to crawl on his back using feet. The boy needs a specialized equipment to further development of his motor skills.

Collected 16 633 of 156 217 RUR

Asya Ulybina

Asya dreams about communication with her lovely mother and friends using common language. Specialists of a specialized rehabilitation center will be able to help the girl!

Collected 35 760 of 165 000 RUR

Milana Vorontsova

«We walk in the dark for a solution», so relatives of Milana describe their struggle with manifestations of genetic disorder. We can help the girl together!

Collected 132 239 of 149 100 RUR

Daniil Yaparov

Danya dreams about a career of a sports commentator and coming to the stedium for work. The boy needs a specialized equipment, which will help to take the first steps on the way to a dream.

Collected 41 253 of 99 000 RUR