Artem Shermatov

“We just love our son and he loves us”, Artyom’s parents says. The boy needs a specialized chair for home using.

Collected 10 400 of 97 390 RUR

Maxim Smetanin

Maxim has several neurological diseases. As the result, he has problems with communication. Specialists of a correctional center can help him.

Collected 23 765 of 137 200 RUR

Lisa Kudryavtseva

The girl and her family do hard work seven days a week. This family used to fight hard against disease and with optimism. New achievements will appear, if you help Lisa a little!

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Asya Ulybina

Asya dreams about communication with her lovely mother and friends using common language. Specialists of a specialized rehabilitation center will be able to help the girl!

Collected 35 760 of 165 000 RUR

Milana Vorontsova

«We walk in the dark for a solution», so relatives of Milana describe their struggle with manifestations of genetic disorder. We can help the girl together!

Collected 132 239 of 149 100 RUR

Daniil Yaparov

Danya dreams about a career of a sports commentator and coming to the stedium for work. The boy needs a specialized equipment, which will help to take the first steps on the way to a dream.

Collected 41 253 of 99 000 RUR

Artem Perevezentsev

The boy was between life and death several months. Fragments metal structure that has been implanted in his spine is still in the body. Artem can’t move and breaths only by artificial respiration. We ask you to help!

Collected 26 918 of 138 676 RUR

Ksenia Pustynnikova

Ksenia can’t walk by herself, because she has a rare genetic disease. Wheelchair with electric drive will help the girl to be more self confident.

Collected 117 467 of 200 000 RUR

Alisa Baranova

For four years miracles have been happening in the life of Alisa. The first aim is survival and the second is learn how to live and struggle. The girl and her family know how to overcome difficulties. We ask you to help!

Collected 19 045 of 139 880 RUR

Ilyana Gazimova

Ilyana likes to spend time on the street like all children. The girl needs a wheelchair for long and comfortable walks.

Collected 23 587 of 129 426 RUR

Mark Matveyev

“Sugar boy” learned how not to be afreid of everyday injections and not to dream about sweets. However, the boy with a diagnosis diabetes needs an insulin pump.

Collected 47 000 of 149 720 RUR

Violetta Shestakova

Veta dreams about going to school and dancing on her own feet. A specialized equipment will help the girl to take her first steps in independent life.

Collected 6 495 of 80 000 RUR

Anna Semenova

Little Anya can’t imagine that she spoils or tears a book. The girl picks up and kisses lovingly her favorite books with bright covers. Anya’s family hopes that her intelligence will help to defeat cerebral palsy. They ask you to help!

Collected 151 109 of 197 467 RUR

Maria Sokolova

“Perhaps, I will learn how to walk at school”, the girl thinks aloud. Maria needs a specialized equipment to achieve this aim. We ask you to help!

Collected 14 992 of 39 700 RUR

Kirill Kalinichenko

Kirill helps other people to find the meaning of life in spite of cerebral palsy. An optimistic boy needs a special equipment to take another step towards recovery.

Collected 11 752 of 95 190 RUR

Yaroslav Osintsev

The boy needs an exercise bicycle. Necessary equipment will help to cope with manifestations of cerebral palsy. The boy’s family wait your help!

Collected 5 545 of 101 500 RUR

Yulia Shorokhova

Yulia has a rare genetic disease – phenylketonuria. As the result, all protein which consume the girl terns into a highly toxic poison. Yulia needs special treatment. We ask you to help!

Collected 136 591 of 148 900 RUR

Vladimir Maygurov

Vova lives in his own world, because he has a complex of neurological disabilities. Specialist of the correction center will help to open the door to the society.

Collected 63 741 of 149 800 RUR

Alexandra Shikina

Sasha didn’t speak with other people for a long time. The girl learned how to walk and then wrote and draw with her left hand. The girl’s mother and her older brother helped Sasha to achieve such successes.

Collected 9 820 of 150 890 RUR