Zarina Yanbukhtina

с. Ченмаяш, Республика Башкортостан
Chenmayash, Republic of Bashkortostan

“Our daughter wants to walk”, parents of Zarina told us. They ask you to help buying a walking frames.

Collected 12 000 of 110 990 RUR

When Zarina Yanbukhtina was just 6 weeks old, her mother suspected something wrong and started to go from one doctor to another. Medical specialists looked at the apple-cheeked baby, who had normal values of height and weight and looked absolutely healthy, and just tried to calm down the mother, who was too caring, in their opinion. The woman’s worries got confirmed when she met the doctors from the regional hospital.

“There they saw that my worries were not ungrounded,” the mother confided. “They noticed the weak tonus of the arms and the legs, other deviances and pronounced the diagnosis: ICP.”

The woman quickly put aside all the fears, worried and tears and got down to treatment with determination. Thanks to this, they managed to eradicate many manifestations of the disease in the very beginning. The medical specialists got rid of the tonus that was present in the root of the tongue, which enabled Zarina to develop syllable speech. The girl and her parents are proud of her first “ma-ma” and continue training with a speech specialist to achieve new results.

Constant treatment, parents’ patience and attention helped to get rid of the girl’s tearfulness and caprices. Zarina gradually got more interested in educational toys, children songs and communication with others. Mastering only a few words so far, she learned to combine them with mimics and gestures. Creating these “complex sentences” with smiles, frowns, joyful smacking and many other conventional signs, the girl gives her family more and more hope that she could win over the disease.

“As for motions, we are also “growing,” the mother said. “My daughter learned to turn over, stand up, crawl on hands and knees, and walk with support. The doctors are unanimous about our promising outlook to walk independently. She needs to verticalize as much as possible but it’s getting harder and harder for me to hold her alone”.”   

Now, the mother often sees her Zarina slowly and diligently stands up from the sofa and sways from side to side holding this support. The girl increases the range, smiles and holds harder the pillows. She more and more likes the fruits of her labor and learn new motions. “Wish to have the verticalizer now. My daughter would learn to make her first almost independent steps”, the family thinks in these minutes. But they can’t afford the equipment, which costs 110 990 rubles.

Walking skills for the girl is just a matter of technique. And you can give her this equipment. Zarina Yanbukhtina NEEDS YOU!

Collected 12 000 of 110 990 RUR
Donations collection finished. Thank you for your support!

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