Yaroslav Zatonskykh

с. Винсады

Yaroslav is very talkative boy how likes reading extremely. The boy and his relatives believe that he will be able to overcome all consequences of cerebral palsy. Necessary equipment will help the boy on this way!

Collected 113 423 of 200 000 RUR

Yaroslav Zatonskykh – the youngest in the family with three children. And due to a few minutes he delayed from his twin brother, they were crucial his development. In the first year of life, the baby was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and told his parents to run to doctors and specialists, start fighting as early as possible.

“So what we did,” Mom said. – And now we even have no time to walk and enjoy the beauties of our native land, nature and mountain landscapes. We get up and run or go to the cold St. Petersburg. It was there that “native” experts were found who helped to fight. “

If in motor development Yaroslav is far from a noisy and quick elder brother, then intellectually sphere is the opposite. Despite the hemorrhage, cysts in the brain and oxygen starvation, he grew up and became a real little child prodigy. In his two and a half years he quickly, much ahead of his brother, reads and speaks complex phrases, recites poems by heart and counts to 30.

His favorite toys are not cars and electronics, but books and developing cards. The kid spends so much time on these studies that speech therapists and defectologists advise even to take them away so as not to overload the child.

Yaroslav remains a diligent student in the laboratory of the physical training school. Carefully performs all the exercises with the instructor and almost does not pay attention when the adored mother quietly leaves the corridor.

“There were tears, dramatics, and a fear to remain without me, but this is in the past,” the woman shared. “Although at home Yaroslav is “Mamsik “- we love to cuddle and kiss – in the classroom he behaves seriously and calmly.”

The specialists, seeing a clever boy, who better starts to manage his body, talk about good prospects. The relatives say with more certainty: the son will get up and go, we just need to help him a little!

Yaroslav needs your help and participation. A special wheel-chair and verticalizer is the necessary equipment to strengthen and develop unruly legs, they are almost always in great tension. The devices cost 200,000 rubles.

Yaroslav Zatonskykh NEEDS YOU!

Collected 113 423 of 200 000 RUR
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