Yaroslav Chumakov

г. Краснодар

Yaroslav and his mother dream about a special exercise-bike for a long time. We can make that dream come true.

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Yaroslav Chumakov can walk only with support and poorly controls his hands due to ICP. From the very childhood, gentle and sociable boy let the huge love to his heart, and now he is loyal to it. He is not interested in cartoons, toys or drawing. He devoted to music heart and soul.

“When the son was a year and a half, we went to the sea,” his mom tells us. “On beach, different songs always were playing. And on our way home, the son sang one song of Lyube – a popular Russian band, following the melody and the whole lyrics.”

After the first one, many other songs appeared in the list. Almost all his leisure time, the boy listens to, easily remembers and sings songs both in English and Russian. Compositions for children, adults and classics, everything cause a real excitement.

When Yaroslav visited the first live concert of classical music, he looked with amaze on solo-singers, literally looking at their throats: is it really they, who perform such wonderful parties?!

The family noticed the passion and excitement of the boy to his main enthusiasm and found a tutor. Yaroslav began to learn and surprised everyone again: from the first class he learned vocal with a success.

“Our son has a perfect memory. When we dismissed the hospital, they said me in play: read Chukovsky’s books to the boy. I really did. And then a little miracle happened. Yaroslav was a bit older than one-year, and he didn’t speak, just couple of syllables. We spent the whole day at home, slept a bit and I began to make up the bed. I said aloud all my actions, and Yaroslav picked up. I – “blanket”, he – “fled”. I – “sheet”, he – “refused to stay”. And almost the whole poem in such a way. He remembered it by heart”.

Yaroslav easily finds himself in a sound world, but he hardly learns independent moves and speech skills. He can keep silence for a long time in kindergarten and, at home, tells everything has happened to him.

Therapeutic exercises and gymnastics, classes with speech therapist and speech pathologists slowly, but surely help to solve problems. We learnt to hold a spoon readily, read by syllables, make some steps without a support. Experienced trainers and tutors, care of the family, they are components of these successes.

How can they give more joy to the son, spend less time without moving and develop motor skills? The family decided that the bicycle-exercycle is the best way.  They ask you to help to buy it. The equipment costs 104 200 rubles.

Yaroslav Chumakov NEEDS YOU!

Collected 3 077 of 104 200 RUR
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