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Two surgeries helped Seva to hear his first sounds. However, the boy needs a course of rehabilitation in specialized center.

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Seva was born an unusual boy, but he kept his secret from his parents for a long time. From the older brother Vsevolod was unusual for babies calm. Mom could put the cradle with the baby in the kitchen and cook, ring the dishes, turn on the water – it seemed even the gun could not wake Seva. Over time, the family began to notice that the boy ignored not only the noise, but also the voice. Seva did not respond to his name, did not turn to the song of his favorite toy and remained indifferent to the words of tenderness and love.

During about a month, specialists tried to compensate deafness with hearing aids. However, Seva was still closed from the world of sounds. The only decision was cochlear implantation. After the first connection already the boy loudly lamented that he did not understand and was afraid, but he heard this world. Soon, Seva began to smile, barely hearing the voices of his relatives. The months passed, but the first words did not appear.

“At first we had a dream – to give Seva an opportunity to hear. But soon a new desire arose: we saw how the son was glad, when people around him communicated, he reached out to the company and wanted, like everyone else, to say, but something hindered him. Then the specialists decided on the need for a second operation – so the second implant appeared behind the other eye. But an instant miracle did not happen, “ says Vsevolod’s mother.

In the hope of the specialists’ help, Seva, along with his mother, went to the rehabilitation center in Fryazino. It took only a few weeks for the baby to begin first to express cat’s sounds then dog’s sounds, imitating animals. Soon there was also a phrasal speech. Seva was able to attend an ordinary kindergarten, where he found his first friends. The boy immediately won the sympathy of the team, but still sometimes Seva, feeling that he is not understood, turns to gestures. The boy needs a course of rehabilitation. However, the family cannot pay the bill independently: the cost of training in a specialized center is 165,000 rubles.

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Collected 79 037 of 165 000 RUR
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