Vladislav Borovkov

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farm Voinov

Doctor decide that the boy will be able to walk without help. The boy needs a specialized wheelchair which will help to sit in a right position.

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In almost everything, Vladislav Borovkov demonstrates independence and persistent character. He masterfully manages educational games and cartoons in his tablet. In the village at his Grandparents’ he feeds geese and ducks, plays with his beloved dog Bim. Every day the boy carefully repeats after adults the heard words and phrases. With pleasure and joy, he not only receives new knowledge, but also develops motor skills. He has fought with ICP from an early age, and doctors say that he has every chance to start walking by himself.

“We have went to rehabilitations from his early childhood, – the boy’s mother shared. – And some time ago, one after another, long-awaited results began to appear. The son began to catch up with what he had missed in intellectual development. The hip surgery allowed him to get up on his feet and walk with support. Perhaps, walking became his favorite activity”.

Once the woman takes her son to the kitchen to drink some water, several minutes later, seizing an opportunity to walk, he asks for a drink again. So, the woman has to take him under his arms, put him on his feet and take a new walk. This “trick” is usually repeated three, four times, and more. The child’s relatives are happy to help him take the desired steps. The grandfather has invented a special way.

“The grandfather puts my son in front of himself, the child’s feet on grandpa’s feet, and ties him to himself with scarves and small plates, – said the mother. – This way they can walk around the house for a long time. The son gets very excited from such exercises, but for some reason he refuses to repeat them with me. He must be afraid that I can let him fall.”

It gets more difficult for the boy’s relatives to lead a rather tall child around the house of, but from day to day their hope that Vladislav will be able to overcome manifestations of ICP becomes stronger. To achieve this goal, the boy must always sit in anatomically correct position, in a special wheelchair. The equipment that the family already has cannot assure this, but the new one is too expensive for them – it costs 228,000 rubles. The only hope for the family is to get help from concerned people.

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Collected 88 340 of 192 500 RUR
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