Vlad Vasiliev


Vlad had a successful cochlear implant surgery and began to adapt to the world of sounds. However, the boy needs a course of rehabilitation to pronounce the first words.

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For Vlad Vasilyev’s mother there is nothing scarier than silence. The first feeling of not fear, but worry woman experienced immediately after the birth of her son. After the first scream in the delivery room, the baby was silent and did not even cry. It seemed that it is time to enjoy calm motherhood, but the smart heart prompted: there are challenges ahead.

“At the maternity home all doctors replied with a joke: why not to be happy and to sleep, while the son gives chance, and I ask questions, make doctors carry out examinations, tests, again and again – the Vlad’s mother remembers. -Meanwhile, it was in the hospital where the son did not pass the first audiotest. Nevertheless, the doctors advised to wait, and we waited obediently. Vlad grew up and examinations still showed lack of hearing. Then a 9 months the son was diagnosed with “bilateral deafness”.

There was less time to think about the son’s future, and Vlad’s mother made a decision of the need to have a cochlear implant surgery. The child has first discovered the sounds of this world in 2 years. However, Vlad has not experienced happiness and pleasure: loud unfamiliar sounds frightened the boy, and he again looked for silence.

“Vlad did not tore the speech processor off: he perceived the little device as part of himself. However, I saw that from any word spoken by me or other people the son began to blink often. He didn’t feel comfortable, he tried to get away from the speaker and hide. After the operation and rehabilitation the coversation was out of the question again, ” – Vlad’s mother says.

Cochlear implant surgery-as it turned out, is only the beginning of the path to a full life. The reason why the boy rejected ejection sounds was wrong settings of the receiver. Having corrected all mistakes, experts were able to give Vlad an opportunity to feel comfortable in the sounding world. The boy began to listen to the mother’s speech, happily responded to her requests and even began to copy.

Now Vlad is 3.5 years old – the time to make the first friends. Cheerful and open hearted, he turns to the children. However, they don’t hurry to play with a silent boy. To continue rehabilitation and to learn to speak, Vlad needs to take a course with teachers of the deaf, speech therapist and psychologist.

All the necessary specialists are in one place-at the rehabilitation center after cochlear implantation. Everyone can give a ticket to a new life for Vlad today. The course of therapy costs 165,000 roubles. It is a big sum for one person, but it is quite manageable for thousands of concerned people.

Vlad Vasilyev NEEDS YOU!

Collected 86 752 of 165 000 RUR
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