Violetta Tonkova


The heart of Violetta Tonkova needs urgent assistance. We ask you to help!

Collected 69 050 of 1 085 000 RUR

In 2014 Violetta Tonkova’s family asked us for help to pay for urgent surgery on heart of the newborn baby. Then the child with complex heart defect and critical aortic valve stenosis was fading right in front of our eyes. Fortunately, you have come to the rescue.

Thanks to many concerned people who responded to the call, the girl had complex emergency surgery. It seemed the worst thing was behind: the little girl gradually recovered from severe treatment, developed like her peers, brought joy to her parents.

“We were constantly taking control of her health. However, at the same time, we tried to let her enjoy her childhood, full of miracles and positive emotions, – the girl’s relatives shared. – Violetta is a nimble, sociable, cheerful girl. She likes drawing, listening to music, and dancing. She knows a lot of poems. And every minute of her life she explores this big world.”

Every six months the family went to Berlin for expensive examination. The next planned trip and the verdict of the doctors, – “Such indices show that processes in the girl’s heart can become irreversible very soon,” – sounded like a thunderbolt from a clear sky. In place of the pulmonary valve baby has been implanted prosthetic device, which stopped to perform its functions properly.

The doctors from the German hospital “Asklepios” offered to implant a special dilatator – stent in the right ventricle outflow tract. This artificial frame should prevent the narrowing of the vessel and provide the normal blood flow in the body.

Having received the letter from Violetta’s relatives, we again address you. To save the girl’s life, the family needs 1,085,000 roubles.

Violetta Tonkova NEEDS YOU!

Collected 69 050 of 1 085 000 RUR
Donations collection finished. Thank you for your support!

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