Vasilina Gudkova

г. Краснодар

Vasilina dreams of learning how to walk and will lead in the play. She needs a specialized equipment for daily training.

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“When I’ll grow up and become a mom, a place for your chair will always be in my home: you’ll take a rest and read books to your grandchildren there,” even now 11-years-old Vasilina dreams about simple woman happiness, not about standing in top. In her future dreams she is not only with her children and husband, but also the best friend – her mom. It is her mom who inspires Vasilina to fight every day for her dream and gives confidence: she can live a full and happy life.

Books are the best motivator for the little Vasilina. Shelves with colourful covers attracted the girl so much that she crawled to them in the age of two and a half. Soon the baby got the books faster, because she crawled on all fours. At the age of five the girl was tired of turning the pages and listening to her mother’s reading, so she started to learn the alphabet.

“Since childhood, Vasilina chose books over toys. I read to her, and that’s why by the age of five she had a wide vocabulary. When she was learning to read by herself, she bypassed syllables and put the words together. All her childish dreams were associated with the characters in books: she wanted to be a feather duster from the Beauty and the Beast or find herself in the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors. Vasilina still loves reading, but our home library isn’t enough for her now, and we visit the city library,” – the girl’s mom tells us.

Fantasy world attracts Vasilina so much that she dreams about turning into her lovely characters on the stage. Vasya has an aim now: to learn to speak so distinctly that every spectacular can easily understand her, and then to become an actress of the youth theatre.

However, Vasilina has a more complicated task, besides speech training. The girl has learnt to walk with support, but she still can’t make the first steps by herself. Vasilina needs a personal standing frame to train her leg muscles every day. The equipment costs 199 500 rubles. Her mom brings up the daughter alone and can’t save up money to buy the expensive equipment.

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Collected 97 895 of 199 500 RUR
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