Vadim Gorovenko


Vadim is ready to take his first steps. The boy needs a specialized wheelchair, which will help to go for a walk or visit hospitals.

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Vadim and Gleb Gorovenko were in such a hurry to live that they were born before the delivery date. Vadik – the first of the twins – weighed only 1600 grams. However, soon the boy caught up with his brother on weight, and both boys began to develop like all newborns. Cloudless happiness lasted only six months: at the age of 6 months, Gleb began to sit and crawl, and Vadik seemed to had frozen for many years.

Experts confirmed fears: after examinations, Vadik was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Since then, long daily work had begun to restore the boy’s health. The most loyal assistant and stimulus for Vadik became his brother: watching Gleb playing, drawing, talking, Vadik tries to repeat his actions and develops new skills.

Such family therapy and constant rehabilitation in specialized centers give results. Vadik stands at support for a long time and is preparing to take the first step. Moreover, just recently, the boy, following his brother, learned to swim underwater. Wearing a mask and fins Vadim covers several meters in the pool like a small brisk fish. He does not feel any limitations in the water. However, the boy cannot yet move properly on land, and therefore needs a specialized comfortable wheelchair.

Vadik is already 5 years old, but he still goes for a walk in a stroller. It is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous: because of wrong position of the body, Vadim may develop scoliosis.

Vadim and Gleb’s mother needs 110,980 roubles to buy a new comfortable wheelchair.

Vadim Gorovenko NEEDS YOU!

Collected 41 835 of 110 980 RUR
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