Vadim Bulgakov

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Vadim learned to crawl on his back using feet. The boy needs a specialized equipment to further development of his motor skills.

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Elena saw her new-born boy as scheduled. Every 3 hours she came to the emergency door with a bottle of milk. Doctors took it away and closed the door giving just a couple of seconds to look at her son. Everything Elena knew is that they were struggling for Vadim’s life, but they didn’t give a chance to get used to the idea that she is a Mom. Cruelty caused by the experience: not everyone comes back from the emergency room.

Vadim was released from the hospital with probe. Perhaps the boy would never eat by himself, but one day his dad took away the feeding tube and said Elena not to use it. They were surprised that few hours later the baby asked to eat and began to drink the milk by himself. It was a great happiness for the whole family: it seemed that the worst was over. But the next challenge was to come.

Now, Vadim is a two-and-a-half-year-old boy, he tries his best to learn crawling. He can roll over himself and raise a little. Thanks to his strong legs the boy can achieve a goal: when he is on his back, he kicks off from the floor and crawls forward to his favourite toys – wires. Vadim likes to sort through and tangle all wires: headphones, charges, computers.

The boy can’t speak by the words yet, but he is able to speak by his eyes with the family. The baby looks at the thing he needs and shows by his eyes what he wants to eat or play. Watching his brother achieves success– Olesya, the older sister – doesn’t want to give up her dream: to send Vadim to the hockey section.

To strengthen legs and back muscles, stand by himself, the boy needs everyday trainings on a standing frame. While the baby can’t walk, he also needs a specialized wheelchair. The equipment costs 156 217 rubles. The family ask your help!

Vadim Bulgakov NEEDS YOU!

Collected 16 633 of 156 217 RUR
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