Timur Demyanov

г. Тольятти

“We are both cheerful”, Timur’s mother says. She believes that they will overcome all difficulties soon. We ask you to help the boy!

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In the first years of Timur Demyanov’s life, the specialists assumed that he would not learn to walk and would not be able to recognize even close relatives. Due to a number of congenital disorders, the boy is difficult to move and master even simple speech and cognitive skills.

Contrary to all forecasts, Timur went and gradually began to navigate the world around him. Seeing the first results, the boy’s mother began to look for new methods of fighting the disease, investing in her son all the forces and means. For the sake of new treatment options, she decided to move to another city with a sick child.

 “Even our relatives did not believe in us,” the woman shared. – They doubted that I could raise my son alone; that his health will be improved.”

Now all those who expressed doubts, gladly recognize their injustice and gladly meet Timur and his mother. Looking at how a good-natured boy is more and more oriented in the norms of communication and behaviour, feels more confident with others, wholeheartedly wish for new successes.

The most important achievements in the treatment of the boy are associated with a special school-garden for children with developmental peculiarities, where speech therapists and defectologists work every day, and various hardware methods are used. There, Timur is constantly among the other children.

“My son’s speech has not yet developed, but we continue to work on it,” Mom said. – In the school-garden, he is from morning to evening – under the care of professionals. Some time ago it allowed me to go to work and provide for us. Now I myself have undergone several operations and, thanks to the school, I can restore my health. I believe that the band of failures will end by all means. And, with the help of people who are not indifferent, we can move on. We are both cheerful and are not going to give up,” the woman smiles.

As she said, while seeing on the street the crying kid – her son looks around with regret: how to calm his tears? The 9-year-old hero, with a height of 150 centimetres and weighing 45 kg, is ready to embrace and regret almost everyone. And from the favourite garden, where there are so many children and friends-teachers, does not want to come back home: by gestures trying to negotiate with his mother so that together with her to stay for the night.

In the life of a small family, it all turned out that the key to new successes is the continuation of schooling in the garden school. This is both treatment and communication for the son; it is an opportunity for the mother to work and provide for the family. In order to get on an annual rate again, the child needs 288 000 rubles. We ask you to help.

Timur Demyanov NEEDS YOU!

Collected 169 516 of 288 000 RUR
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