Svetlana Bardycheva


The girl has a rare genetic disease< which is Angelman syndrome. As the result, the girl hardly understands people and has problems with standards of conduct. Relatives hope that specialists will help Sveta.

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Svetlana Bardycheva’s development disorder the doctors noticed when the baby was a year old. The girl was not able to stand and walk by herself, and the experts decided that these were the manifestations of ICP. To the joy of the family, the abnormality were overcome: therapeutic exercise, massage, treating the spine – after them she started walking and even running, but in comparison with her peers, the girl seemed to be a little savage who lives in her own world. The genetic testing answered the question: “what’s wrong with the baby?”

Sveta was diagnosed with “Angelman syndrome”, a disease caused by the underdevelopment of the 15th chromosome. Due to characteristics of appearance, walking with unbending legs and random movements, the disease is also called a “puppet syndrome”. The girl’s grandmother has become her second mother. She assumed a difficult duty to take care of her granddaughter every day while her daughter was at work. The fact that the fight against this disease one should start not from a sick child, but from yourself, she had to make it sure by personal experience.

“At first when Sveta was completely out of control, I often lost my temper,” Sveta’s grandmother confessed. “I could shout, even though I knew the kid just didn’t understand me. Once, during the travel to the treatment, I was standing with her in the subway, and suddenly I thought: I’m going to throw myself, throw myself and all this will be over … No… Calm down… “It’s a run of bad luck, it’s just a run of bad luck, and it’s going to be good.”

Then something has changed: storm of different feelings, resentment, protest eased off, giving way to calmness. It’s like Sveta has also felt it and has become more agreeable. His family is happy to share recent stories of his success: She has learned to swim and loved the pool; sport has also become a main hobby. Finally, she has made contact with other children.

Improvements have been made thanks to the care and love of the family and the help of specialists in the rehabilitation center. It will be possible to continue fighting the disease with the help of professionals. Treatment costs 120,000 rubles. We ask you to help!

Svetlana Bardycheva needs you!

Collected 27 683 of 120 000 RUR
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