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Sonia suffers from epilepsy and cerebral palsy at the same time. A vibration platform is one of the few means of rehabilitation, which is recommended to the girl with several diseases.

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“It’s been 2 years since Sophia has had her first attack of epilepsy, and about a year ago, the doctors gave the daughter a diagnosis – cerebral palsy. And exactly for 2 years I haven’t slept, – Sofia’s father says. – I don’t sleep because I keep going over and over in my head the different options: how I can help Sonya, where else to go, where to find money, what doctor to visit. I can’t accept, I have to put her on her feet and to relieve the daily pain from the terrible epileptic seizures”.

Winter holidays are a rare time when the whole Shiman family gather. Two years ago, after Sonya’s birth the usual course of life had to be changed dramatically. Elena and Vadim were bringing up two sons when they learned that soon a little Princess would appear in their house. The girl was expecting with great excitement and, as if anticipating future problems, they went to numerous additional examination. The doctors calmed down – pre-natal baby was developing in accordance with all rules. However, she was born prematurely.

“Immediately after the birth a daughter was connected to an artificial lung ventilation and taken to the intensive care unit, – Sofia’s mother recalls. Of course I worried, but experts told me that for premature babies, such a procedure is a common practice. Later, when the baby got stronger, we were discharged home. However, we noticed that Sonia was too quiet: she didn’t cry, didn’t look at adults, was not interested in toys. Only slept and ate.»

The fear for the girl’s health increased after the first attack of epilepsy. The little girl was only 2 months when she first experienced terrible pain, spasms and she fainted. While experts were looking for drug therapy, Sonia survived 12 attacks a day. Each time the baby stopped breathing, turned blue and recovered hard. In a small Northern town where the family lives, doctors couldn’t help Sonya. Then the girl’s parents had to make a difficult decision: mother with Sonia went to see a doctor to the Moscow region, where they live now a dad with two sons were left at home and only occasionally visit their girls.

“Of course, the separation is not easy. The boys are tender to their sister. Sonia is now constantly taking medication, so sleeps a lot, but in those rare hours when she’s not sleeping, boys are trying to play with her, amuse her, make her smile. In these moments, when everybody is around and all smile, I’m the happiest father on earth!” – Sonya’s dad says.

Due to the epilepsy, it is difficult for Sonya to struggle with cerebral palsy. Many types of rehabilitation are not allowed now. This early period of life is one of the most productive for the development of motor skills. Vibration platform is one of the few means of rehabilitation, which is now recommended to Sonya. On this equipment she will be able to feel her body and begin to develop muscles. However, family cannot pay 280 000 rubles on their own.

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Collected 156 063 of 280 000 RUR
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