Sofia Shahareva

г. Верхняя Пышма
Verkhnyaya Pyshma

Sofia has a diabetes and she needs to make regular insulin injections. An insulin pump will help the girl to calculate the correct dose of insulin and forget about painful injections.

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Every morning, a three-year-old Sofia with songs and poems on her lips hurries to the kindergarten. Grandmother and older brother can hardly keep up: the girl always hurries to come to the group first. Baby easily parted with her relatives and runs away to play with peers. However, such a love for the kindergarten did not come immediately. The last 4 months Sofia spent far away from her friends, and even today she can stay in the kindergarten for a short while. The girl knows that in just a couple of hours the grandmother will come to make a painful, but vitally necessary injection.

“In the kindergarten Sofia spends no more than 2 hours without me. Educators every hour measure sugar in the blood of the granddaughter and report the data to me or her mother. Before each meal I come, I measure food units and together with her mother I calculate the necessary dose of insulin, put a shot and if Sofia is tired, then I take her home, “ – says the grandmother.

4 months ago Sofia was diagnosed diabetes and fatigue became one of the symptoms of it. Then the cheerful and joyful girl suddenly began to lose weight, lose energy. Native, like doctors, first wrote off the ailment for a seasonal cold, but time passed, and it did not become easier for Sophia.

“Sophia’s appetite was good, the fever was high and there were no signs of illness, but at the same time she seemed to be melting in front of my eyes,” Mom remembers. – My daughter went straight into the skeleton and drank a lot of water, even adults could not drink so much. My always cheerful boisterous girl Sophia now constantly lay, it seemed all the time that she wanted to sleep: she would lie down, sleep, drink, lie down again. The weakness was terrible!”

Having survived a severe crisis, now relatives measure sugar in Sofia’s blood every half hour. Mom turned into a nurse: she keeps a food diary and calculates the necessary dose of medicines. Deadly dangerous for Sophia can be any unaccounted piece of food. Favorite cakes or sweets, fruits and even tea – after every meal, Sofia is already waiting for the “mosquito” to fly to bite her. Sometimes it happens 10 times a day. However, skipping injections can be fatal: if she does not take the dose of insulin in time, Sofia risks falling into a coma. Because of frequent injections, three-year-old babies have already formed painful bosselations and scars.

Let not cure, but we can get rid of Sofia’s pain if she uses a modern insulin pump worth 193,305 rubles. The sum for the family, where, in addition to Sophia, two more underage children are being raised, is very high. Today, anyone can get rid of the painful “mosquitoes”.

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Collected 45 929 of 193 305 RUR
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