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The victory over epilepsy allowed the girl to develop motor and cognitive skills. Specialized equipment will help to continue treatment.

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Sofia Lobko’s parents admit: every day of the first year of little girl’s life was not a joy, but a burden. The girl suffered from a severe form of epilepsy, she was diagnosed with serious impellent disorders. Constant attacks did not allow for development, and they could not be stopped.

”At that time the daughter was in an almost unconscious state, did not react to us, did not interact with the world around her, – Mom said. – We ourselves also were in a similar state: joy left our family.”

Persistent search helped to find a drug that saved the baby from attacks. Then the dose of the medicine was gradually reduced, and then completely abolished. In conclusion – the long-awaited and exciting monitoring and verdict: the brain is absolutely clean, there is no epileptic activity.

Since that moment, joy has returned to the family of Sophia, and the girl and her family have a lot of new things to do. Constant trips to intensive rehabilitation can be combined with studies of speech therapist and a defectologist. The baby does not walk yet and does not crawl on her own, but there are results in the development of motor skills of the hands and intellect. Parents, watching as the daughter changes, becomes more aware of the world around her, revealing new interests and hobbies, now look to the future with hope: the path to new achievements is open.

 “The specialists could not believe for a long time that we managed to defeat epilepsy, Mom said. – Therefore, now we are not given any forecasts. We just do not sit idly by, but we work all the time.”

In September, Sonya is preparing to start attending the kindergarten. Will the girl get used to the children’s society? Seeing how the child, even despite her physical handicaps, attracts her peers, relatives are sure that she will find a lot of friends.

Expecting from the future only joyous changes, the family planned for summer a large-scale treatment program. The left half of Sofia’s body while moving is much weaker than the right. Synchronize the body, strengthen the arms and back – this will be targeted every day in the summer “program.”

 “There is no sense from rehabilitation if the child is not correctly fixed after treatment,” –  parents repeat after the experts and hope for your help in solving this problem.

A specialized wheelchair and verticalizer would help to be in the right position at all times and would consolidate the results achieved in the treatment. The equipment costs 194,700 rubles.

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Collected 35 433 of 194 700 RUR
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