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Sofia actively learns the basics of reading and writing in the 1st grade of the home school. However, a girl with a severe form of cerebral palsy can walk only using a wheelchair. Sofia’s family cannot buy necessary equipment themselves.

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The family calls eight-year-old Sonya a “smart fish”. The girl understands the speech, emotionally reacts to every question, but can’t respond. From time to time Sofia doesn’t lose hope: She opens her mouth, moves her lips, but pronounce only the disjointed set of sounds. Repeating the attempt several times, the girl is disappointed, she turns away, and in a second again raises her head to smile-so she is encouraging those around her, who worries for her sometimes much more than she herself.

“About 1.5 months after the birth, Sofia spent at artificial respiration, – Sophia’s mother recalls. -doctors said that she would never be able to move, eat and speak independently. Difficult birth led to a nasty form of ICP. Due to the strong spasticity of all the muscles, Sofia moves with difficulties. Therefore, it took us about 1.5 years to learn to swallow food, but we did it. In addition, we stubbornly continue to master other skills-learn to sit, crawl, and walk. Of course, success is achieved thanks to the fact that the daughter’s intellect is preserved: she understands everything, but still can’t do or say.”

Sofia’s speech was replaced by facial expressions: In the girl’s arsenal, there are a few dozen kinds of smile, and by the way the daughter frowns or pouts, her mother understands whether it is worth cooking such porridge for breakfast. Sofia understands not only speech, but also the need for daily therapeutic exercise. Despite the painful sensations in the joints, the girl is rarely crying – experiencing pain, the baby only fastens the lips tighter.

 “So far, Sofia has broken connection between “head-hand”, “head-leg”. I see how she tries to draw and move a pencil on paper, I feel my daughter is working, but the hand is weak, and I have to help her”– Sofia’s mother says.

The motor barrier did not prevent Sofia to become a student. In addition, although she has never seen her classmates, she weekly passes small exams to her first teacher. Lessons for Sofia take place at home, but it isn’t easier -she has to answer every question without exception, can’t hide behind the back of classmates. In order to make learning comfortable, and walks – long, Sofia needs a specialized wheelchair with two frames-walking and home one. The chair-transformer costs 248,563 roubles. The family cannot raise the whole sum by themselves!

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Collected 129 705 of 248 563 RUR
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