Semyon Malygin

Верхняя Пышма
Verkhnyaya Pyshma

Semyon is a very active and agile boy in spite of cerebral palsy. He has already learned how to crawl and now needs specialized equipment to make his first independent steps.

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Semyon began to fight for life from the first minutes of his life. Immediately after birth, the baby was taken to the resuscitation department with meningitis and pneumonia. However, even having fought off the dangerous diseases, doctors did not hurry to dismiss the boy: Syoma was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, but it was dangerous to remove liquid from the brain of the premature baby. Thus, hospital walls had replaced a children’s room for him for a long time.

Syoma could not sit and crawl for a long time. The first successes began a year ago. At the age of 3 the boy began to belly crawl, and since then nobody can stop him. However, he has practically no place for motor activity: Syoma lives together with his mother and older brother in a tiny rented room. The single mother unable to work has no money to rent an apartment.

At present, Syoma’s mother can afford only free or home rehabilitation for her son. However, even these trainings bring good results: the boy learned to not only crawl, but also squat, and speak. To continue his motor rehabilitation and make the first independent steps, Syoma needs SVOSH splints and a specialized wheelchair which cost 157,250 roubles.

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Collected 20 720 of 157 250 RUR
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