Sasha Roshchupkin

г. Тимашевск

Mother and older brother of Sasha help him to fight with illness. The boy needs specialized wheelchair for more successful treatment.

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Sasha Roshupkin has a sophisticated form of ICP. In addition to his awkwardness, his arms and legs suffer from frequent involuntary movements, hyperkinesia. It doesn’t allow him developing his motoric skills and significantly complicate any rehabilitation effort. To overcome the hyperkinesia, Sasha needs switching on the control of his brain over his hands and legs.

“Sometimes, my son seems to cope with it,” his mum shared. “Periodically he manages to suppress jerks, but still he needs constant   exercises, and almost always he needs stiff fixation of legs and his back.”

One of Sasha’s main assistants in his treatment is his big brother. He industriously helps Sasha with gymnastics and do household procedures. During warm-ups, he carefully and now almost professionally; he has decided: his future career will be assisting kids, who are like his little brother.

“I am sure Sasha’s brother will take care of him and in future will  be helping him at home and in treatment,” their mother says. “After all these years, we are now looking at fighting ICP with optimism: with Sasha’s spastic status, it is better focus on hand motoric development.”

Sasha has to work all the time not only for improvement. He has to keep what he has achieved so far, and it needs a lot of effort.

Now he sometimes manages to hold a spoon in hand by suppressing his hyperkinesia. Dive and do some warm-up exercises in a small pool. His favourite hobbies are music and books. Together with adults, Sasha is learning to repeat contours of syllables and words and often with gestures and sounds asks to read his beloved poem to him – Agnia Barto “Little bear”.

“The mother had a little son – Little bear” – with these lines he prepares for his rest with pleasure. Driving along sunny paths with his mum and brother is the best thing Sasha loves to do. During these rides, Sasha get excited with changing scenes, watches the passers-by and cars… and his mum and brother are worried about by glancing at the chair. The baby stroller that the family have is small by now and does not give Sasha the needed fixation of hands, feet and back.

A new one costs 159 000 roubles. We ask you to help in buying it for Sasha.

Sasha Roshupkin NEEDS YOU!

Collected 11 725 of 159 100 RUR
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