Roman Novikov

г. Туймазы

“Our son had changed greatly”, parents of Roman Novikov said. The boy became stronger and began to take on interest in the world around him. The boy needs specialized equipment for having comfortable life.

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Since the moment, we first told the story of Roman and his sister, the boy, according to his parents, has changed. The doctors changed the part of the medication, and new drugs took him out of the hypnoidal state. The glance has become conscious; there was an interest in everything that happened around.

“Now, the son is watching our life as if watching a very interesting show on TV,” the native smile.

Roma is watching his mother and father doing usual household chores. Carefully watching the actions of adults and then tries to repeat their movements.

With the help of those exercisers that you have given, the boy practices enthusiastically and has already achieved the first results: he can lift with his legs, the back has strengthened so that he is able to sit without support for a few minutes. The classes with a professional trainer helps. The trainer is specifically invited to a small town for Roma and for a few such children like him, by the parents of the young patients.

“We have united with mothers who have similar problems, Roma’s relatives told us. It is very hard to go to this professional and to take the treatment course alone”.

The Novikovs have two children with disabilities. Roma, and his older sister have very similar developmental disorders. Why have both of children the same health problems? These questions were asked by adults for a long time and couldn’t find the exact answer. Not so long ago, doctors-geneticists have arrived at verdict: brother and sister have the chromosomal problem, which has not yet been studied.

“Is it much easier to live after hearing the news? Probably not, — the child’s mother said.  – But understanding that we are not to blame for the problems of our children, that we were powerless to predict the delays in their mental development, and motor impairment, makes everything a bit easier.”

Recent successes allow hoping that the child will be able to overcome the manifestations of the disease. The example of the older sister helps: the girl attends a special school, looks after her brother willingly and studies new subject — hairdressing.

“The daughter is getting more independent. We would like our son to achieve the same result,” – the mother shared”.

So far, there is a long way to the desired goal. Part of domestic problems would be solved with the toilet/shower chair. The equipment costs 63 000 rubles. We ask you to make the life of the boy and his family more comfortable.

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Collected 6 031 of 63 000 RUR
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