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Roma is not the only child in his family. There are three children in his family. This big company helps to have fun every time and helps to fight against the boy’s disease. We ask you to help too!

Collected 1 500 of 79 000 RUR

Roma Atnagullov almost never has a lack of communication. Besides him, the family has three more children, and the boy with cerebral palsy hardly ever stays alone. His older brother and sister notice that Roma is a special child only when he needs help. The rest of the time, they play and even tease him, without making allowances for illness.

Roma makes witty jokes and talks to them. “Show me your evil eyes!” — so, having instantly repeated technique of children’s poems, which his sister had read to him, he turned the evening into a humorous concert. The disease did not affect the boy’s intellect, but we have to work hard on motor skills development.

Roma controls his hands pretty well, he can sit and move “like a frog”: he pulls up on his arms and his legs follow his body. To achieve results, the child goes to physical therapy and swimming pool, constantly goes to rehabilitation courses and stubbornly tolerates even the most painful procedures. Thus, during reflexotherapy, up to 20 needles were inserted into one finger of the boy. Even an adult should be very strong to endure this.

“My son endured. He was patient, because he really wants to start walking, – the mother shared. – However, we are not making serious progress yet. Everything we do has a positive impact on intelligence and memory development, but he cannot control his feet yet. Several times during treatment and with friends we tried to exercise on exercycle and saw an excellent result.”

According to the boy’s relatives, the most important thing is that bike allows to alternately bend and unbend legs. The boy fails to do these very alternating movements. Now, when Roma’s younger brother began to grow up, the boy closely watches the way he walks and even runs. His relatives confessed: fortunately, they do not notice their son’s sadness or pain; they see only his desire to go forward.

We ask you also to join Roma’s support group: the necessary bike costs 79,000 roubles. Let’s give the boy an opportunity to take the first step!

Roman Atnagullov NEEDS YOU!

Collected 1 500 of 79 000 RUR
Donations collection finished. Thank you for your support!

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