Polina Menyaylova

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Polina likes to walk with her sister, but can’t go out without a specialized wheelchair.

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Cheerful, sociable and always smiling Polina attracts attention, wherever she was. A ten-year-old girl easily makes new acquaintances and becomes the soul of any company. Her main secret from the new friends Polina tries to save as long as possible. However, eventually, the guys run away to a new place for games, and Polina cannot follow them, because she cannot make a single step.

It seemed that despite the lack of motor activity, Polina, did not want to give in anything to her twin sister. Though later then Alice, but Polya learned to speak, read, count and joke. A sense of humor is what distinguishes a girl and attracts both peers and adults. Communicate with Polina, not only in the time allotted for lessons like and the teachers who come to her. For three years already the girl has been successfully engaged at home in the school curriculum.

“Polina has been talking for a long time, like an adult. She talks a lot on various topics, but she never asked me questions about herself, she never cursed fate, did not envy her healthy sister. Polina is an amazingly sensitive girl. She tries not to show that she is concerned, so as not to upset us. Of course, her sense of humor also saves us. Polya is the main “positiver” in the family “, – says Polina’s mom.

Despite the age, neither Polina herself nor her parents lose hope that the girl will manage to take the first independent steps. Polya has already experienced 3 operations on her legs. After the last six months she had to wear heavy long gypsum on her legs. Now the girl is engaged at home and with specialists in correctional centers. However, for the time being she cannot walk alone and needs a walking wheelchair. Old equipment because of frequent use is already out of order, and it’s not safe to use it.

A new wheelchair costs 107,387 rubles – the sum for a large family is very high. You can help to raise funds, you exactly, not indifferent readers!

Polina Menyaylova NEEDS YOU!

Collected 8 795 of 107 387 RUR
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