Polina Losebnaya

п. Искра

The girl was born deaf and she can’t speak. She needs a specialized treatment.

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Polina Lozebnaya always tries to be the center of attention. At home, she is the irreplaceable mother’s helper. In other people’s houses – in the thick of thing in a noisy company. However, other children hardly understand what the girl is trying to tell them, laughing. During conversations, an irreplaceable translator comes for help – Polina’s mother.

“I always try to be near my daughter,” the woman shared. “That’s why all the problems in communication are concealed, so Polina doesn’t feel unlike others.”

Deaf from birth, she had a cochlear implant surgery. How did she discover the world of sounds? “Funny”- the family says. After the surgery, Polina acted as usual. The family returned to the hotel, where they lived during the treatment, they had a lunch and decided to have a rest. The first, it was father who fell asleep, and then the child. Suddenly the man suddenly snored loudly; the girl woke up abruptly and opened her eyes wide.

The chief family physician is now the mother, who has two educations: an economist as “official” and almost audiologist-speech pathologist as “unofficial”. Some correction methods, basic help skills she learned during a visit to a rehabilitation center for children after a cochlear implant surgery. The woman is sure: only there specialists can help them to achieve new results. However, the treatment costs 165,000 roubles.

Now Polina is happy to listen to her favorite fairy tales. In each-there is an unexpected and happy ending. We ask you to make such a gift to the girl and the beginning of the New Year to give her the opportunity to master the speech.

Polina Lobzena NEEDS YOU!

Collected 2 294 of 165 000 RUR
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