Pavel Tsukanov

г. Тимашевск

The boy has planned his future carefully and achieves his aims step by step. The main aim is to learn how to walk. The boy’s relatives believe that Pasha will make his first steps only using special equipment!

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“We did not have enough time for the art school”, – Pavel Tsukanov’s mother complained. A boy who has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and a lot of hobbies, a lot of important things to do and amazing dreams is not used to sit idly. So far, the child can move only in a wheelchair. But behind this “so far” – the great hopes of relatives, doctors and, of course, Pavell himself.

Experts are sure: a small operation and a successful subsequent rehabilitation, and he has every chance to learn how to walk. The child speaks about this, not using the word “if”, all his conversations begin with the word “when”.

“When I learn to walk, I will begin to learn Japanese, get an education, go live in Japan. My wife will also be Japanese, “being firmly convinced of this, Pasha has already assured the whole family that his dreams can come true. After all, more than once he achieved the set goals.

“The son has learned to play bocce so that he was included in the team of the Timashevsky district. Now we dream to get to the regional team. – The boy’s mother said. – Decoupage is another hobby of my son. His work has already been at various exhibition, where they got certificates and prizes of different values. “

Postcards, which Pasha makes using this technique with his own hands, occupy a place of honour at home “expositions”: these bright gifts are waited for each holiday. The boy is happy that he can please his relatives with his creativity. Not so long ago, a new hobby appeared – robotics. The child quickly mastered the language of figures and calculations and persuaded all schoolteachers that he could “manage” such a difficult occupation having got 16 points out of 18 in the math exam.

Following his dreams, Pasha patiently and stubbornly endures even the most painful stretching exercises for the sake of the cherished first steps. What will he do when his legs become obedient? He will ride his younger sister on a bicycle, go for a walk with friends and, yes, of course, go to Japan. This point in the Pasha’s extensive plans goes immediately after independent walking.

“In order to make all our prospects and wishes come true, we are preparing for an operation. – the boy’s mother said. – We will make insections on the muscles so that they straighten the legs. After that, rehabilitation is required. The success of all our efforts will depends precisely on it. “

Training on special exercy can help the boy to recover and as soon as possible to step forward to meet his dream. The equipment costs 126,000 rubles. All of us can help Pasha’s cherished desire to be fulfilled! HE NEEDS YOU!

Collected 8 355 of 126 000 RUR
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