Oleg Lystsev

г. Мурманск

The boy likes watching historical programs extremely. Oleg makes a history through studying a favourite subject too. It’s his story of struggle with the disease. He needs your help!

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Oleg Lystsev suffers from cerebral palsy. Carefully and scrupulously working for each independent movement, he was not used to sit in one place and at one time. Historical programs and documentaries give him a lot of fascinating travels on different events in the life of the country, acquaintance with interesting figures of the past, contemplation of the greatest changes.

“We have a whole electronic library on history,” the boy’s mother smiled. “He is constantly looking for new knowledge in this sphere and even thinks about linking his future with it and choosing an education with a historical bias”.

Traveling to different epochs of the past, Oleg does not miss the geography of the present. The family of the boy told: the trips are planned for a year ahead and try to do so in order to undergo treatment and at the same time get acquainted with the museums and sights of different cities. On the map ticked – already visited – Odessa, Sevastopol, Derbent, Grozny, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vologda, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk. And the family has friends in each of these cities.

Oleg, like every gambler, has an object of special sport passion. Someone it is – “Formula-1” and Schumacher, someone – athletics and Usain Bolt. Oleg Lystsev is a devoted and ardent fan of the Zenit football club. Bright blue scarves, caps, notebooks and pens with symbols and many other souvenirs make up his own fan collection and are very useful during the matches. For 90 minutes forgetting everything except his favorite game, Oleg with new strength returns to reality, where he has many important things to do.

 “Even being very small, the son was already very grown-up,” Mom said. “I worked so hard to develop both physical and mental skills.” And not so long ago we learned about the amazing device.”

The boy began studying with the device designed for neurostimulation of the body. From this, the stiffness of the muscles began to weaken, and the child was able to improve walking skills. Unexpectedly it was found out that the device stimulates also memory and literary abilities. “Wow, I did that!” – Oleg was surprised when after the course of classes, for the first time, he easily wrote a school essay.

It is in our power to present the boy a device that will help him to be more independent in his movements. It costs 200 000 rubles.

Oleg Lystsev NEEDS YOU!

Collected 107 667 of 200 000 RUR
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