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Kolya feels himself comfortable only when he is lying. The boy needs a special wheelchair.

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6th year old Vanya and Kolya are more than just friends: the nature has tied them tightly and forever. They are twin brothers, the closest and dearest to each other; they have similar appearances, but dramatically different fate, determined at birth.

“From the beginning, Vanya has always been calm: I didn’t have to lull him asleep, he was merry and undemanding. Kolya, on the contrary, behaved as if  something was bothering him from birth: he was often naughty, couldn’t sleep, and was almost continuously in my arms. And when the three-month-old Kolya didn’t learn to hold his head and roll over, I sounded the alarm. As a family, first of all we went to examinations, and then to the first and the longest treatment,” Kolya’s mother remembers.

Causes of Kolya’s anxiety and backwardness are ICP, tetraparesis, dystonic attacks and pseudobulbar syndrome. Having such a multitude of ills, a 5-month-old baby, together with his mother and brother, went to a long way to rehabilitation centers. Together, a friendly family has gone a long way, but if Vanya comes up with peers easily, Kolya hasn’t still taken the first step of his own, has not learned to sit, and barely keeps his head, but remains optimistic by a miracle.

Their Mother tells us: “When Kolya sees Vanya running and being naughty, he always laughs loudly and shouts: “Me too! Me too!” Asks to put him on his feet, puts my hands away and tries to chase his brother. Emotions are enormous at this moment: it’s a joy, a delight … “But then he starts to bend, the legs intersect, and Kolya falls down”.

Vanya always helps his brother and sympathize with him: he takes the fallen boy in his arms,  puts on his knees, pities and cheers. All of his conscious childhood Vanya wishes only one thing: that Kolya would get better. Then together they could play a game of tag and hide-and-seek, and the mother would finally stop crying.

“I think our son is very lucky: despite his physical helplessness his intellect hasn’t suffered. Kolya, like Vanya, already knows the alphabet, colors, and numbers. It’s interesting not only to play cars with him, but also to talk on any subject. He has a great sense of humor and surprisingly strong character.”

Due to ICP, and co-existing diseases, Kolya hasn’t learned to sit by himself in a children’s chair yet. The boy feels comfortably only in a reclining posture. The boy needs a wheelchair for comfortable transportation and long walks. However, it is not possible for the family bringing up three children to purchase a special equipment that costs 127,146 rubles. You can help make Kolya’s life more comfortable.

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Collected 106 667 of 127 146 RUR
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