Nikita Zubkov

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Nikita has learned walking in specialized babywalker and dreams of taking his first independent steps. The boy needs daily training.

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“I wonder how I did not die there? From the chest, fever spread throughout the body, there was such a terrible weakness in the hands, and… there was  a smile on the face. I could not show everyone what’s going on in my soul: in the corridor my sister and my son were waiting for me. “

So Maria Zubkova describes the first minutes after doctors have said a severe verdict: her son will never be like all children. It was incongruous for her that Nikita, who was healthy on the face, was special from birth. The boy was born with an anomaly of development: the cortex of the brain in the frontal lobes was formed incorrectly. However, it was not noticeable by the behavior of the baby.

Not only Nikita’s mother, but the boy himself, does not intend to surrender. The kid from the first days was very active and was keenly interested in everything around. There were the desires of the boy himself that became the key to the successful rehabilitation. Slowly, but Nikita has learned to turn over and sit down. By the way, the boy himself has developed the way to change the position. Rejecting the mother’s advice, the baby trained the abdominal press so much that now, in one motion, he can take a sitting position.

 “Nikita does not want to do something like everyone else. Constantly reinventing the bike and looking for his own way. But I’m glad of his creative activity. It was the restlessness that prompted her son to learn to walk. True, now he can do it only in the walker, but I’m sure: several more years of hard training, and Nikita will make the first independent steps,” – says Nikita’s mother.

Nikita cannot visit rehabilitation centers on a regular basis. Mom brings up the boy alone, and money is barely enough for life. However, without regular training, Nikita will find it hard to learn how to walk alone.

The home verticalizer at a cost of 140,400 rubles can solve the problem. With the help of specialized equipment, the boy will train the muscles of the legs and back. Nikita’s mom cannot buy a simulator without your support.

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Collected 9 406 of 140 400 RUR
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