Nastya Mudrichenko

п. Покровского торфоучастка
The village of Pokrovsky torfouchastok

The girl needs constant visits of specialized courses and treating. This is the only way to cope with manifestations of autism. We ask you to help Nastya!

Collected 41 036 of 126 000 RUR

Mudrichenko Nastia’s mother put sadness and despair in her thoughts and mood on the top shelf and almost forgot about them. Every minute a woman assigns all resources to fight off her daughter’s illness. She hopes that faith in changes for the better and infinite patience will someday be able to overcome the manifestations of autism.

The girl’s mother told us: “Nastia barely takes care of herself, talks, and understands the speech. Every minute I have to be near her to keep my daughter safe”.

We often love to call someone fearless, are astonished at the courage of circus artists or stuntmen. Little Nastia Mudrichenko has no fear either, and that’s why her family fears for her life twice. The fact is that even the most common road crossing turns into a real trial. The girl can walk towards a rushing car, without realizing that it’ll hurt her.

Thanks to the constant treatment, autism began to step back slowly. To learn how to stretch her hand palm down for a shake, to sit still for two minutes and listen to the teacher, just to understand that an adult is addressing to her and asking for something – all these successes the girl achieved with the help of the doctors of a specialized center.

“Medication can’t help us, only lessons can”, – the family told us. “And we know that we can’t stop working. Every rehabilitation doesn’t only give our daughter new opportunities, but helps us, adults, understand her and communicate at home correctly. Every minute, when we do ordinary things, we fight autism”.

Treatment is often complicated by the fact that not every person, even the most trained and experienced, can choose a “key” to such a patient. The touch to the girl was found by specialists from one of the Moscow rehabilitation centers. They have to pay 126,000 rubles to continue the treatment. We ask you to help!

Nastia Mudrichenko needs you!

Collected 41 036 of 126 000 RUR
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