Nastya and Artem Trifanovskiy

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Nastya and Artem are twins. Nastya is very active girl and her brother Artem is quiet and modest. They help each other to fight against cerebral palsy. They need your help!

Collected 153 910 of 200 000 RUR

“Temushka has a bright intellect, and the daughter should be excused from active physical classes, according to the recommendations of speech pathologists,” we can feel a great hope and pride in these words said by the family of Nastya and Artem Trifanovskikh. From infancy, the twins have been struggling with the ICP achieving new goals together. They are the same at first glance, but achieve their success in different ways, supporting each other.

Artem is quiet and shy; he can sit uncertainly yet, but shows himself perfectly in the classes with speech therapists and speech pathologists, on developing trainings and in games. Lively Nastya mastered her movements and learned to walk better than her twin-brother, slightly dragging up her foot and holding the hand of an adult. Even at home, she diligently teaches her brother to crawl and roll himself over, commands repeating to him everything she heard from her exercise therapy instructor. “And Artem doesn’t listen to me so attentively as he listens to his sister!” – Mom notes with surprise.

Doctors say that both children are “promising”. Listening to the experts and hoping for the best, the family try not to be led by their sky-high desires.

“Even if our son’s motor skills won’t be fully restored, he will realize his many talents!” – Mom believes. “Now, he is better oriented in the computer than me, and I have no doubt that he will be able to get an excellent education and work, for example, as a programmer.”

The boy himself wants to be a driver. Cars are his main passion. The sister is obsessed with horses as well as her brother is soaked in technology. The little leader constantly retells to her peers in the kindergarten different books, fairy tales, stories about these animals, attracting around herself a lot of listeners.

Nastya’s and Artem’s mom admits: she often learns something new about her complicated and such amazing children. So, when Artem has grown up, it became clear that he is a real gourmet, a supporter of a healthy lifestyle and proper dietary.

We have breakfast at 09:30 a.m., and there you can’t cheat my son,” the woman smiles. “There has to be a porridge. For lunch we have vegetables, buckwheat. Meat – only beef. I often wonder where my son have got such habits.”

The family say that Artem and Nastya quarrel sometimes: the difference of their characters affects – but there are times when their desires coincide completely. In a church where the children really love to go, Nastya whispers: “I want my brother to stand up.” Artem, half-lying in his chair, also speaks to an invisible someone in heaven: “Let everyone be healthy, and me, too.”

We all can support children in their fight against the ICP. They need special equipment: an exercycle and a wheelchair for disabled children, its total cost is 200 000 rubles.

Nastya and Artem Trifanovskikh NEED YOU!

Collected 153 910 of 200 000 RUR
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