Milena Peshkova

Самарская область, Чапаевск
Chapaevsk, Samara Region

The girl needs a specialized walking frames, which will help her to make first steps. We ask you to help to buy necessary equipment.

Collected 2 800 of 85 000 RUR

Milena was born with a whole bouqet of congenital diseases. Despite the predictions, the girl is making new progress in development. During the active games with her beloved grandfather, laughing, she crawls, does somersaults, and confidently turns over. She adores her standing frame and enjoys working with the equipment. However, if her favorite classes with speech therapists and speech pathologists are easy, then during therapeutic exercise, reflexology, massage we have to dodge.

“The main thing is not to be silent with her at such moments,” The girl’s mother shared. As soon as the teacher or the doctor begins to talk with Milena, she forgets about unpleasant feelings and pain, completely devoting to the conversation. Therefore, listening to the slow speech of adults, she endured a course of painful acupuncture.

“Doctors in rehabilitation centers do not give us predictions,” the girl’s mother told us. — But our neurologist notices the result, and says that even the look of the daughter has recently become more confident. After each course of treatment, she wants to go home, but when we return, she is ready to go back to the procedures. “

Milena’s family often watch as peers start to communicate with her, a girl with a disability, which is moving only in a wheelchair and says just a few words. Children of friends surround her with attention, they talk, bring toys. Milena herself thanks to such a warm attitude literally blossoms and seems to be growing more and more aims to get better.

In order to get on her feet and start learning to walk, Milena needs special splint-fixator. The equipment will protect the joints from dislocations and allow to straighten the legs. The tires cost 85,000 roubles. We ask you to help!

Milena Peshkova NEEDS YOU!

Collected 2 800 of 85 000 RUR
Donations collection finished. Thank you for your support!

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