Milana Vorontsova

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«We walk in the dark for a solution», so relatives of Milana describe their struggle with manifestations of genetic disorder. We can help the girl together!

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The very tenth chromosome, Milana Vorontsova had a “breakdown”, her mother knows that by heart. Due to the fact that during the formation of the fetus, one of the chains first broke, and then recovered, but doubly, a child appeared that lightly resembled a small alien. Mom studied her baby by specialized articles and by the pages of forums. At nights, comprehending the subtleties of genetics, she realized: the child is very similar to others, but that very wrong tenth chromosome has forever made her special.

Differences, indistinguishable in the photo, are manifested, for example, during movement and communication. For each independent step, pronounced sound and words, the little girl had to work hard every day. And now she has only one day off per week. What does the family do on the long-awaited Sundays? “This is a great time for developing classes!”, – smiled the child’s family.

So, gradually groping the right path in the treatment, Milana learned to stand, then to walk. For a long time attempts to develop the speech were unsuccessful, but in one of the centers the little girl, who had been silent for five days, mastered three sounds at once. Now she has new tasks, because the school is ahead.

“Of course, we are concerned about how the daughter will climb the steps, and even more – how will communicate with peers – shared her relatives. – Milana attends group classes and hardly talks to anyone. Children are accustomed to a special little sluggish silent girl: they help, prompt something. The daughter is disclosed in terms of communication, only coming back home. She describes what they did during the classes; calls one of the partners as her friend, although she did not say a word to her. “

“I’m so tired of the bustle, but here I feel good and calm,” says the alien girl with a smile, finally finding herself on a walk in her favorite park. She is easy and free in nature or in communication with adults, but to peers, she is reluctant to be engaged in fun and noisy games yet.

Milana’ relatives admit: it seems we finally found the right path in the surrounding darkness and lack of information. As the say, three years ago it was simply impossible to tell the whole difficult story without tears. But today the disorders are behind, and only hope is ahead.

The girl’s family hopes in her perseverance, the professionalism of doctors and you. The course of necessary treatment costs 149 100 rubles.

Milana Vorontsova NEEDS YOU!

Collected 132 239 of 149 100 RUR
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