Mila Grudtsina


Mila was able to learn how to walk and talk in spite of cerebral palsy. However, epilepsy provoked the loosing of all developed skills. Now Mila needs a wheelchair.

Collected 22 802 of 175 000 RUR

“Mila used to love chasing pigeons most of all, — Mila’s mother says. — She ran, hurried, but she dragged one leg: since birth one leg is slightly shorter than the second one. She often fell down, her knees were always hurt, but she never cried: she smiled, shook off, and then ran again”.

Today, pigeons are not afraid of Mila anymore. Only thing left of a little hellion, a tomboy in a skirt is laughter. The same carefree and loud, like 8 years ago, when it seemed that they — mother and daughter — together have overcome the impossible. The baby, born prematurely with a whole bunch of neurological abnormalities and ICP, could not just stand up and make the first step— she began to live a full life.

“Mila quickly caught on, I have already planned to send her to nursery school when she was 3. The daughter spoke well — small phrases, but smoothly. Not only close relatives could understand her. She learned to eat, often did things on her own. I did not believe, but Mila began to catch up with peers,” Mila’s mother said.

More than likely Mila does not remember how she got in a wheelchair and why she is learning to stand, speak, live all over again. Once in the morning the girl, who was only 3 years old, didn’t wake up. Mila was found unconscious by her mother: the baby survived a severe epileptic seizure. While experts were trying to find a way to block focuses of epiactivity, Mila fainted several times a week: microseizures happened all the time. In just a few weeks the girl lost all her skills, but gained quite unchildish persistence — the strength and the wish to continue to live.

“When 5 years ago we started to practice with Mila, she couldn’t even sit independently, didn’t follow me, behaved herself with detachment, — Zinaida Ishmikeyeva, teacher-defectologist says.  But gradually she is beginning to “pull herself”: she learned to turn over, then to sit. Now Mila is learning to stand and move her arm. It has been a year, as she has begun to laugh — it is so meaningful for a child!»

Everybody who knows Mila, are sure: the girl will once again be able to fool the doctors as she already did it 8 years ago. But now she learns to be independent and needs your support. Active and curious Mila loves walks but can’t be in the street for a long time, as for a grown girl it’s uncomfortable to sit in a pram. To buy a specialized equipment her family needs 175 000 rubles. To help together is easier!

Mila Grudtsina NEEDS YOU!

Collected 22 802 of 175 000 RUR
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