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Mikhail Sobolev was born much earlier than expected. “All our problems are due to it,” the family shared. Hearing, vision disorder, coordination dysfunction, cognitive skills and speech disorders —the boy and his family struggle with all this “bouquet” every day for many years.

To go to the first class at special school, to learn the simplest life skills, to get used to the usual “common” table and to learn how to collect figures from the big construction toy details -all these are small victories, which were won with great difficulty. For the sake of results, mother and son devote all the time to rehabilitation at home, as well as in other cities. Maybe that’s why trains and cars have become Misha’s favorite toys. Sophisticated works, humming, clickety-clack of wheels and a landscape that is rapidly changing outside the window — are a very large part of his life from early childhood.

Recently Sobolev’s family have been “visited” by joyful news more and more often: successes appear one after another. “It’s strange, but it often happens thanks to the animals,” the child’s mother smiled. After the dolphin therapy, where the boy had a friend-dolphin, who did not swim to anyone else, the Misha’s speech has become more intelligible. Classes with the horse Gerda helped to learn to contact with other children. During the therapeutic horse riding, adults were surprised to watch how the boy forgets about the isolation and fear, runs to his big and kind “friend” and hugs her by the neck. The child has a special relationship with a pet cat.

“Our cat, I think, is even too smart,” the mother shared. “It often follows my son’s everywhere. It participates in all his actings and games. Once Misha was hurt heavily and screamed. I came closer, calmed him down, and Barsik was there. It also sat nearby and licked his palm. Constant classes with animals, home lessons, massages and swimming pool, plus a recent rehabilitation course in one of the St. Petersburg centers helped us to get ahead so greatly. During this treatment, I had quite a shock: I did not expect improvements to come at once. “

The relatives tried everything to teach Misha, for example, to hold a spoon. They even organized a large children’s feast, where all his peers skillfully used this cutlery. There was no result. One course of treatment, several sensorineural rehabilitation procedures, and Misha obediently took a spoon and began to eat. Now the boy’s family is dreaming about the repeated course. Specialists have already developed a program for the child with a focus on the development of speech and cognitive functions. However, his relatives can’t afford to pay 101,000 roubles bill.

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Collected 30 375 of 101 000 RUR
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