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Three-year-old Misha only learns how to communicate with people and control his body. The boy needs a course of rehabilitation in correctional center for living a fulfilling life.

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When looking at the two brothers, leva and Misha, not everyone will be able to guess who of them can’t find a way out of his “internal labyrinth”. In appearance, the three-year-old Misha is no different from his older brother: the same cheerful and active boy. However, it’s difficult to make him play by general rules. Since birth, Misha lives in his own world, where he still is looking for a way out.

“Misha’s behavior is an after-effect of the two cerebral hemorrhages that occurred when he was born, – says Anton Sabantsev, a psychiatrist. – Lack of brain function is presented in derangement of incoming information processing from the analyzers: sense of sight, hearing, smell, touch sensibility, understanding of body signals. Thus, this blocks speech development, brainwork, this is reflected in the behavior, communication and adaptation»

A short dialogue which though Misha is having in his own language, nevertheless he is talking, and this dialogue is the result of extensive work of the family and special education teachers. Until he was 3 years, the boy didn’t want to listen to and understand others. Due to this, any everyday cooperation turned into a conflict between a small defenseless child and people who did not understand, but wanted to help him.

“I sounded alarm when Misha was only 3 years old, and he had never called me Mother” – Mikhail’s mother told us. – Besides that, when he was 1.5 years and we went to the market or to the supermarket, he could easily outrun me, not being afraid, although at this age the children cling to the mother. He had no sense of danger; he could come up to the dogs, to another woman and take her hand»

In order that Misha could understand and communicate with people, he needs a neurologopedic rehabilitation. Due to the central nervous system damage, the link between brain and body is broken. Misha is unable to set the necessary signal to the muscles, therefore he can’t speak well yet. What his brother was bestowed by nature, Misha has to cultivate artificially.

“Misha has a damage of auditory information processing, the deficit in the oral cavity, articulation disability. Misha does not understand that he has a tongue that he can use to speak. He doesn’t understand how one can control the muscles, face joints” – Elena Melnikova, a neuro-speech therapist says.

The first conversation, the long-awaited “Mother”, finally, two brothers playing together – all this appeared after the course in Yekaterinburg correctional center. To help the boy continue training, the family needs to collect 120 700 rubles- that’s how much the course costs. We ask You, concerned readers, to support Misha and give him a chance for a full life!

Misha Kungurtsev NEEDS YOU!

Collected 43 324 of 120 700 RUR
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