Matvey Shvetsov


Matvey has cerebral palsy. As the result, he spends most of his time sitting. The boy needs a specialized wheelchair.

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The father carried a 7-year-old Matvey in his arms to his first school assembly. The boy looked forward to the 1st of September – the Knowledge Day: due to ICP Matvey wasn’t taken to the nursery school, but his wish to communicate with his peers and to learn only grew day by day. Ironically, his first lesson Matvey had to spend “on the bench”: the boy is unable to participate in physical education like his classmates do. At this moment Matvey can only crawl himself. He walks with the help of his family. However, even such a beginning of the school year hasn’t spoiled the impression of the holiday: Matvey is excited to enter a new, adult, life.

The boy’s mother says: “Going to school is always a pleasure for Matvey. But we can’t attend classes every day: it’s difficult for our son to sit in normal chairs, and the lessons at school exhaust him. But when I ask him, whether we will go to classes or not, he smiles and shouts “yes” in return. “

Matvey’s mother and father have been waiting for many years for this “yes” in return. They have learned at once that their long-awaited son would be special, but the specialists did not warn them about his severe degree of ICP. Not only the physical rehabilitation was hard, but also the lessons with a speech therapists. Matvey’s parents have been communicating with their son using only gestures and sounds for 4 years. Now Matvey can speak some words, but it is too embarrassing for him to demonstrate his skills to others. He starts to talk only to a person who can become his friend.

“The teacher has begun to visit Matvey at home this year.” It was difficult for him to make a contact with her; he was shy and silent in class. A month later they became friends, and finally had a talk. While at the same time how great my son talks to his only friend, a neighbor boy Kirill. The boys are constantly discussing something when they meet in the yard; my son even makes me play catch-up: I hold Matvey, and he moves his legs, and together we try to keep up with Kirill,”- the mother says.

The boy spends most of his time sitting down. Matvey has learned to play board games and strictly monitors the implementation of all the rules. And of course, like all the boys gets upset if he loses.

Because of the hyperkinesis associated with the main diagnosis, Matvey can’t sit in ordinary chairs for children with ICP: due to frequent unintentional movements, the boy who does not control his body may fall down. He needs a special wheelchair. The comfortable and safe equipment costs 171,450 rubles. All the money that the only breadwinner in the family (the father) earns is spent on a compulsory rehabilitation, so the Matvey family asks for your support.

Matvey Shvetsov needs you!

Collected 103 805 of 171 450 RUR
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