Matvey and Kirill Cherkasov


Matvey and Kirill Cherkasov are twins. They were born much earlier than the term and both were diagnosed cerebral palsy and a number of other diseases. Boys need your help!

Collected 13 680 of 42 600 RUR

Almost immediately after Kirill and Matvey were born, their parents had a difficult conversation about their health with specialists. They described their condition and gave the following prognosis: both sons will be bed-bound invalids, they will never be able to establish contact with the outside world. A document was put on the table — it was a children abandonment. Both spouses, silently, without losing a minute to think, threw it into the garbage can.

“How could we leave our long-awaited boys?” – The mother of twins shared. – “My first pregnancy was unsuccessful. Then I waited for a new one for a long time. My husband and I didn’t even have that option, they are our children. We were prepared to fight for their health”.

Kirill and Matvey, like small fantastic heroes who violate all physical laws, grow, develop, and use new opportunities against the predictions. Both boys perfectly understand everything that happens around, and gradually learn to contact with the world around them. Matvey, who was a little less lucky, began to phonate. Kirill can say a few simple words reducing them to the first syllables: Kirill – “ki”, eat – “e”.

According to the family, most of the time in the daily routine is spent on developing boys’ motor skills. Children work almost seven days a week. The first results were a long-awaited reward for work: Matvey has learned to crawl, roll over, and sit down without help, and Kirill can walk holding the hand of an adult.

“Each achievement is the tears of the children, my upset and the necessity to make them work. Kirill is starting to enjoy the new opportunities. I hope Matvey will catch him up soon”, – their mother says.

A special exerciser would be a great helper for boy in the fight against ICP. The family can’t afford to buy a device to restore the musculoskeletal system which costs of 42,600 rubles and relies on your help.

Kirill and Matvey Cherkasov need you!

Collected 13 680 of 42 600 RUR
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