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“Sugar boy” learned how not to be afreid of everyday injections and not to dream about sweets. However, the boy with a diagnosis diabetes needs an insulin pump.

Collected 47 000 of 149 720 RUR

Three-year-old Mark, unlike most children and a considerable number of adults, is not at all afraid of a syringe injecting. Every day the baby asks my mother to put the injection, because he has already got used to it: only after the injection he can go to eat. To the question “Why?” Mark will easily answer himself: ” I am a sugar boy in my family!”

After suffering the stress, the one-year-old Mark for some time even forgot how to walk. The family of the boy was also in a horror from the heard diagnosis – «a diabetes of 1 type». In order to learn to live by the new rules they went to the “School of Diabetes”, opened on the basis of the regional hospital. Experts helped to make a diagnosis and understand it. It turned out, one can get used to a “sweet” life.

Mark differs from other boys not only with a special diet: a baby at the age of 3 years speaks well and easily finds new friends; he is not afraid to talk to strangers, ask questions and can talk for a long time about his favorite construction equipment. In the toy garage now – not one excavator, a grader and a crane, each for a special kind of work. Mark knows best for what exactly.

A sociable boy is ready to go to a kindergarten already, but he cannot attend classes on an equal basis with everyone because of the complicated procedure for calculating the necessary dose of insulin. The relatives are forced to constantly monitor the blood sugar level with the help of special tests.

An insulin pump at a cost of 149 720 rubles will help to solve the problem. With modern equipment, Mark will be able to receive accurate fractional doses of insulin, at the desired time of day, anywhere.

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Collected 47 000 of 149 720 RUR
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