Malik Khakimov


Malik had epileptic attacks, but now it stopped. He develops motor skills and has already achieved the first results. The boy needs a new wheelchair!

Collected 41 800 of 93 680 RUR

“Maljusha”-so affectionately, loving, Malik Khakimov is called both at home and in rehabilitation centers. Even during a trip to China this cute nickname stuck to him. Baby with a whole bouqet of congenital diseases, including ICP, and epilepsy, loves affection and attention, carefully and seriously observes strangers and makes tiny steps towards his victories.

Not so long ago the child managed to stop epileptic seizures. The attacks, which regularly cast him back in development, finally stopped, and a slow but confident movement began. Dispassionate before that, little Malik became interested in the surrounding world, learned to keep his head.

“I have to carry my son in my arms, and he is getting heavier,” the child’s mother confessed. A specialized stroller that cost 93,680 roubles can solve the problem, but it is impossible to buy it without your help.

Malik Khakimkov NEEDS YOU!

Collected 41 800 of 93 680 RUR
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