Maxim Smetanin

г. Каменск-Уральский

Maxim has several neurological diseases. As the result, he has problems with communication. Specialists of a correctional center can help him.

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Maxim and his twin sister Masha like to play together. Max tries on the role of different pets: he turns into a cat, then a dog or a horse. Masha always gets the role of Mistress – kind, caring and attentive. Time after time, she takes care of her pet and again teaches him the rules of life in the house. Often the girl offers to change the role, but the brother does not want to hear about it. Calm and consistent, Masha has already become accustomed to the role of the eldest not only in the game. Despite the fact that children were born on the same day, in development Maxim lags behind his sister.

Maxim, like his twin sister, successfully learned to crawl first and then walk, but continued to remain withdrawn. His favorite game for a long time was running around in circles or throwing ropes. The boy could speak, but did not want to enter into a dialogue with relatives and peers. Native sister more and more eschewed the quiet and unfriendly Maxim, preferring to play with other children or mother. Watching his son move away from society more and more, Maxim’s family turned to a specialized center for help.

“There are no specialists in our town, who are ready not just to diagnose, but to take care of the rehabilitation of our son. We had to apply to the Yekaterinburg Center for help. We had to pay not only for the courses, but also for renting a dwelling. However, it was worth it. Maxim after daily training with specialists has learned to concentrate on the tasks, began to ask questions, to call into the game. My son finally saw a large family around him,” – says mother.

Maxim has mastered and harmoniously feels himself in the family circle. However, the boy still finds it difficult to meet unfamiliar people. Recently he, together with his sister Masha, began to attend a kindergarten. It is not yet possible for Maxim to play with his peers; the boy also experiences difficulties when communicating with educators, not always understanding what exactly adults want from him.

In order to continue social and intellectual rehabilitation, Maxim needs to attend a course of studies in a specialized center. However, the family cannot afford to pay the bill of 137,200 rubles alone.

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Collected 23 765 of 137 200 RUR
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