Maxim Rostilov


The boy had two serious leg surgeries and now he needs special equipment for rehabilitation.

Collected 25 039 of 67 170 RUR

We introduced Maxim, a sunny boy, to you a couple of years ago. He was 4 years old then and he needed your support. Dozens of caring people from different parts of the country donated and thus made it possible to buy a standing frame and an exercise bicycle for him. Just a year of intensive daily trainings, despite the ICP diagnosis, allowed Maxim to manage his first unassisted steps.

The victory over the disease seemed so close. However, spasticity and feet deformity prevented Maxim from standing on his feet steadily. Specialists decided that an operation was necessary, so last Fall Maxim transformed into a “White Robot” for a few months.

The White Robot got rid of this super power before the New Year only when Maxim had the plaster removed. Now the boy is learning again how to stay and walk with special implants in his feet. A long rehabilitation is ahead. Maxim needs auxiliary aids to regain confidence in his abilities and to be able to go to school on his own. He needs a special table for daily massages, a desk for his lessons with a special education teacher and a shower-commode chair to make his bathing comfortable. We need to raise 67 170 roubles to buy this equipment. The mother brings up her two sons alone and she seeks your help.

Maxim Rostilov NEEDS YOU!

Collected 25 039 of 67 170 RUR
Donations collection finished. Thank you for your support!

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