Maxim Khoroshilov

с. Верхняя Хава (Воронежская область)
Verkhnyaya Khava (Voronezh region)

“We will chat”, the boy’s parents believe that their son will defeat deafness and develop his speaking skills. They ask you to help!

Collected 73 992 of 165 000 RUR

The fight against deafness for Maxim Khoroshilov started with a merry laugh. After he underwent a surgery for cochlear implantation and made the correct settings of the speech processor, he looked at his mother with huge round eyes and laughed gaily: now he has finally heard!

 “The son laughed, and I burst into tears,” the woman recalls. “At that moment, we thought that the most serious thing was over, but this was only the beginning of a real treatment.”

Having access to the world of sounds, Maxim began with curiosity to study it very carefully. Close people refused to listen to those people who advised them to switch over to the sign language, and firmly decided that their boy would not only talk, but chat.

For the sake of the first syllables and contour words it was necessary to go through a difficult path, and a rehabilitation center near Moscow was a special point on this road. There the child was taught not just to understand speech. The recommendations given by “the masters of hearing” are now the basis for both home studies and lessons with a speech therapist. A little self-confident and restless in games and everyday affairs, during the most important studies – on the development of speech – Maxim is changing almost beyond recognition and becomes diligent and hard-working.

The family is sure: the boy will be able to rise to the next step in the fight against deafness only with the help of the doctors of the rehabilitation center. They need 165,000 rubles to go there again.

Maxim Khoroshilov NEEDS YOU!

Collected 73 992 of 165 000 RUR
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